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Divine Connections with Host CEO Deloris Williams

CEO Deloris Williams is also the Founder and CEO of Divine Connections; a business stemmed in assisting faith-based and other prominent and aspiring businesses to connect and unlock their greatness. By way of the magazine publication, newsletters, and internet TV channel, Divine Connections, hosts impactful community networking events, geared to engage divine connections and critical relationships for leverage in society and the kingdom of God. Her passion and gift are to spread and uplift the community and touch the nation through positivity.


Divine Connections guest Moya Foster License Psychologist in NC & Business Owner
Show Details33min 29s
Divine Connections guest My Mom. Mrs. Callie Williams (Mother, Wife, Missionary)
Show Details45min 20s
Divine Connections guest Nancy Parham - Word on da street and Health representative
Show Details10min 50s
Divine Connections guest Naomi Glee - Female Gospel Rapper
Show Details45min 50s
Divine Connections guest Rev. Nathaniel Brown - New Golden Crown Gospel Group
Show Details14min 55s
Divine Connections guest Neal Williams - General Contractor
Show Details1hr 7min
Divine Connections guest Necia Stevenson - Gift3d ( Women Quartet group from Winston Salem, NC
Show Details36min 34s
Divine Connections Guest Nicci Dougherty- CEO & Founder for Faith, Hope, Love for Veterans
Show Details43min 29s
Divine Connections guest Norris Williams - National Recording Gospel Artist
Show Details40min 31s
Divine Connections guest O. DeShea Cuthrell - Pastor, Comedia, Video/Photography
Show Details39min 46s
Divine Connections guest Pam Jones - owner of River and Word Magazine & Radio/TV host
Show Details42min 57s
Divine Connections guest Pastor James Harden from VA
Show Details27min 33s
Divine Connections guest Patricia Adams - Realtor in NC
Show Details42min 57s
Divine Connections Interviews Patricia Crisp- Natural Path Doctor
Show Details48min 42s
Divine Connections interview with Renea Linsom - Blogger
Show Details24min 37s
Divine Connections interview with Renicho Tierrene
Show Details22min 16s
Divine Connections guest Saa'dia Douglas - CPA & Business Owner
Show Details38min 14s
Divine Connections guest Sean Ingram - Author, Motivational Speaker, Sean Ingram Academy
Show Details46min 13s
Divine Connections guest Sederia Grave - Amazing Grace
Show Details29min 6s
Divine Connections Guest Shanita Bell - Educator and Business Owner of Paradise Designs
Show Details17min 52s
Divine Connections guest Shannon Baylor-Henderson - Chief Content Officer of Content Commandors
Show Details39min 54s
Divine Connections Guest Shante Woody- The People's Market
Show Details24min 15s
Divine Connections guest Shariffa Nyan - Dental Hygienist
Show Details24min 15s
Divine Connections guest Sharon L. Gaither - Mobile Media LLC.
Show Details30min 48s
Divine Connections Guest Sheila Hall - NC resident and Art teaching and formal Principle
Show Details33min 52s
Divine Connections Guest Shelia Leavy - CEO of Mothers Love My Village
Show Details30min 22s
Divine Connections Guest Shelia Council Wilson - Radio host and Broadcaster
Show Details51min 40s
Divine Connections Guest Shelia O'Kelly - Author and Mary Eubanks- Author and Minister
Show Details43min 15s
Divine Connections Guest Sondra Busby - Gospel Artist
Show Details43min 15s
Divine Connections Guest Sterling Roberts from Trinidad- Gospel Artist & Worshipper
Show Details33min 25s
Divine Connections Guest Steven Walker - Business Consultant
Show Details36min 34s
Divine Connections Guest Tamisha Thomas - Too Much TV
Show Details41min 38s
Divine Connections Guest Teresa Satchell - Kingdom Legacy Partnership
Show Details22min 58s
Divine Connections Guest Terrance Howell - Music Industry Provider
Show Details55min 16s
Divine Connections Guest Jeffery Newberry Jr. & Alysia Cutting - Quartet
Show Details21min 32s
Divine Connections Guest Tierell Gooodman - Veterans
Show Details30min
Divine Connections Guest Tivona Fogg - Gospel Promoter
Show Details17min 41s
Divine Connections Guest Travis Gale- Dj
Show Details34min 12s
Divine Connections Guest Tremaine Graham - Anointed Gospel Artist and Author
Show Details28min 22s
Divine Connections Guest Trina Rodriquez - Story Teller | Spoken Word
Show Details28min 22s
Show Details33min 2s
Divine Connections Guest Wil Martin - Ministry Rapper
Show Details8min 38s
Divine Connections Guest Wyndi Hick Cooper - Entrepreneur Health and Wellness
Show Details30min
Divine Connections
Show Details4min 2s