62. Can LDS believe Jesus Christ? (Part 3/3)

1h 32m | Feb 19, 2024

In this three-part series, Skye picks 10 teachings of Jesus Christ from the Gospels that faithful LDS not only do not emphasize, but cannot believe.

Can an LDS, from a Mormon worldview, truly believe and practice what Christ actually taught - as found in the Gospels? This question will be asked for every one of the 10 points included in this series.

LDS often say that they sincerely love Jesus, and some even claim to believe the Bible. This series will test what that can actually mean from someone who believes Joseph Smith is "the prophet of the Restoration", and is a loyal member of the LDS church today.

Included in this episode are Jesus' teaching on salvation, the Gospel, the Church (and whether or not it will fail), hell and final judgment, followed by whether sincerity (and trying our best) is enough.

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