59. The King Follett Discourse: Joseph Smith's "Greatest Sermon" (Part 2/2)

57m | Feb 5, 2024

In this two-part series, Skye introduces the audience to the sermon considered by most to be Joseph Smith's greatest and most important sermon. This last of Joseph Smith's general conference talks, far from being speculative "deep doctrine", is presented as being the foundation for Mormon theology. The King Follett Sermon is a foundation of Mormon theology.

KSL clip; Devotional

History of the Church, volume 6 (B.H. Roberts); JD 6.1-11

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, edited by Joseph Fielding Smith

Newly Amalgamated Text (Stan Larson, 1978 BYU Studies)

"The King Follett Discourse: Joseph Smith's Greatest Sermon in Historical Perspective" by Donald Cannon

"The Doctrinal Impact of the King Follett Discourse" ; "The King Follett Discourse: Textual History and Criticism" by Van Hale

"The King Follett Discourse: Pinnacle or Peripheral?" by James Faulconer and Susannah Morrison

The Bible Among the Myths by John Oswalt

Biblical Words and Their Meaning; God, Language and Scripture by Moises Silva

Exegetical Fallacies by D. A. Carson

The Trinitarian Theology of Cornelius Van Til by Lane Tipton

"Trichotomy: A Beachhead of Gnostic Influence" by Kim Riddlebarger

No Man Knows My History by Fawn Brodie

Blood of the Prophets by Will Bagley

Conflict in the Quorum by Gary Bergera

Mormonism and the Magic World View by D. Michael Quinn

In Sacred Loneliness by Todd Compton

Nauvoo Polygamy by George Smith

The American Religion by Harold Bloom

"Treasures in the Heavens" by Hugh Nibley

"The Development of the Doctrine of Pre-Existence, 1830-1844" by Charles Harrell

The Man Behind the Discourse: A Biography of King Follett by Joann Follett Mortensen

The King Follett Sermon: A Biography by William Smith

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