52. Christmas

1h 9m | Dec 18, 2023

In this episode, Brendon and Skyler discuss the fifty-second lesson in the LDS Come, Follow Me sunday school manual. This week (December 18-24) is titled “Good Tidings of Great Joy” and covers Christmas. 

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Pastor Brendon's Colossians series can be found here and/or here

Individuals and Families 

Gospel Principles ; here and here 

Statements of the LDS First Presidency compiled by Gary Bergera 

Joseph Smith told Alexander Neibaur that he saw Jesus with a light complexion (white skin) and blue eyes (A.N. Journal, May 24,1844) - thus, looking a lot like...Joseph Smith. Whiteness is also true of Mary in 1 Nephi 11.13-15, who is even claimed by some LDS to be from England, based on legend.   

Brigham Young: JD 7.289; 10.324-325 

“Remembering Christmas Past” by Larry Porter 

“Nephi and His Asherah” by Daniel Peterson (also here, here, and here


“For Mormons, Christmastime Is For Honoring Jesus – and Joseph Smith” by Sharon Lindbloom 

Christmas Books (MRM) by Eric Johnson 


The First Days of Jesus: The Story of the Incarnation by Andreas Kostenberger and Alexander Stewart 

Why God Became Man by Anselm 

On the Incarnation of Our Lord by Athanasius 

Nativity Sermons I-VIII by Pope Leo the Great 

Sermons to the People: Advent, Christmas, New Year, Epiphany by Augustine  

Christianity and Liberalism; The Virgin Birth of Christ by J. Gresham Machen 

Miracles by C.S. Lewis 

The Incarnation of God by John Clark and Marcus Johnson 

The Birth of Christ by J.V. Fesko 

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