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Discursive Discourse

Discursive Discourse is a podcast that lives up to its name - moving from topic to topic, all based on my thoughts in the moment. If I kept a journal, it would probably sound a lot like this if read aloud.



EP21: Peace… Tranquillity… Serenity…
Show Details8min 20s
EP20: Living A Paradox
Show Details7min 49s
EP19: People Will Be People
Show Details12min 16s
EP18: Make Social Media Great Again!
Show Details11min 56s
EP17: Are Any Of My Memories Real?
Show Details11min 16s
EP16: Am I Someone Other People Want To Be Around
Show Details10min 55s
EP15: I’m With You To The End, Buddy
Show Details9min 28s
EP14: Battle Of The G(M)OATs
Show Details13min 24s
EP13: Let’s Just Have Some Fun
Show Details7min 44s
EP12: The Confession
Show Details5min 44s
EP11: Learning To Adapt
Show Details5min 45s
EP10: We Made A Tiny Human!
Show Details9min 27s
EP9: Special Guest - My Pregnant Wife!
Show Details14min 59s
EP8: Cutting Pleasure That Serves No Purpose
Show Details6min 36s
EP7: The Unhealthy Habit Of Creating For Others
Show Details8min
EP6: Change Is In The Air
Show Details9min 9s
EP5: We Made It! #NewYearNewMe
Show Details10min 26s
EP4: I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Without Chipotle
Show Details4min 26s
EP3: You Mean A Lot To Me
Show Details6min 34s
EP2: A Marshmallow Tastes Like A Memory
Show Details6min 27s
EP1: I’M STARTING A PODCAST... or something like that...
Show Details5min 21s