Discriminology: the study of discrimination: This podcast will take a deep dive into understanding history, nuances, and strategies to dismantle discrimination. Our discussions will be diverse, informative, and fact based. Discrimination at its core is rooted in ignorance, our main goal is to educate our listeners in an inclusive manner.  


10: Season Finale - Civics
Show Details42min 20s
9: Say Her Name
Show Details39min 4s
8: Black & Blue
Show Details1hr 18min
7: "What About 'Black on Black Crime'?"
Show Details37min 42s
6: State of Emergency
Show Details33min 26s
5: Colorblind or Just Ignoring The Problem?
Show Details36min 14s
4: Hyper-Segregation? Welcome to Long Island, NY
Show Details32min 36s
3: History Repeating Itself
Show Details33min 53s
2: Read The Room
Show Details25min 8s
1: The Intro
Show Details5min 31s