Disappearing Spoon: a science history podcast by Sam Kean

A topsy-turvy science-y history podcast by Sam Kean. I examine overlooked stories from our past: the dental superiority of hunter-gatherers, the crooked Nazis who saved thousands of American lives, the American immigrants who developed the most successful cancer screening tool in history, the sex lives of dinosaurs, and much, much more. These are charming little tales that never made the history books, but these small moments can be surprisingly powerful. These are the cases where history gets inverted, where the footnote becomes the real story.


The Most Important Lost Fossils in History
Show Details19min 22s
The World’s First Global Vaccine Supply Chain Was Orphan Children
Show Details20min 26s
The Joys, and Pains, of Operating on Yourself
Show Details17min 15s
A School Shooting for Science
Show Details18min 39s
Star Wars, Death Rays, and Donald Trump
Show Details19min 9s
Vitamin G
Show Details19min 42s
The CIA’s Drug-Fueled Orgies and You
Show Details18min 7s
From Siberia with (Manipulative) Love
Show Details19min 33s
The Man Who Couldn’t Read Numbers
Show Details14min 51s
The Teflon Bomb
Show Details19min 43s
Chocolate Cake & Atomic Bombs
Show Details19min 33s
The Ice Island Murder
Show Details19min 34s
Our Slimy Nazi Saviors
Show Details16min 59s
Are Braces a Health Disaster?
Show Details19min 29s
The Science Immigrants Who Saved Millions
Show Details19min 32s
Tyrannosaurus sex
Show Details18min 38s
The Lost Dinosaurs of Central Park
Show Details18min 13s
Exposing Nazi Medical Atrocities
Show Details19min 20s
Glove at First Sight
Show Details18min 41s
Galileo and Art, part 2
Show Details17min 24s
Galileo and Art, part 1
Show Details19min 55s
Tea Test Tempest
Show Details13min 35s