Dirt Road Cowboy's Christian Podcast

The Dirt Road Cowboy talks about trips to Heaven, Spiritual Teachings and Revelations from God.

New episodes every other Wednesday night.


Episode 21014 - Hope for the "End Times"?
Show Details11min 21s
Episode 21013 - The Rapture? Mark of the beast?
Show Details11min 26s
Episode 21012 - Angelic Help
Show Details7min 52s
Episode 21011 - What About Demons?
Show Details20min 33s
Episode 21010 - God Doesn't Do That Anymore?
Show Details12min 22s
Episode 21009 - An Intro To Covenants
Show Details22min 27s
Episode 21008 - New Age Teachings that are Infiltrating the Church (Part 2)
Show Details22min 32s
Episode 21007 - The Infiltration of New Age Teachings into the Church (Part 1)
Show Details17min
Episode 21006 - Did Paul Visit Heaven? Revelations from God, and Thorns in the Flesh.
Show Details19min 28s
Episode 21005 - Being Seated In Heavenly Places
Show Details5min 48s
Episode 21004 - More of Jesus' Physical Appearance, and a Little on Angelic Assignments
Show Details7min 42s
Episode 21003 - What does Jesus look like? What does God look like?
Show Details23min 26s
Episode 21002 - More talks with Angels, Visiting the Throne Room, and meeting God in Person!
Show Details10min 17s
Episode 21001 - My first Trip To Heaven
Show Details9min 19s
Episode 0 - Introduction
Show Details3min 40s