Warrior Poets Ep 3: Slowly More Dutch

Season 3 | Episode 10
1h 3m | Oct 15, 2022

Autumn leaves us with

questions like, will Jacob win

a Haiku? Maybe

Look out it's only Autumn. The leaves are browning and so are people's chances of defending the emperor when Winter arrives. Let's not think about what I just wrote and know that this episode is full of questionable accents, questionable actions, and rivers full of emo. And the issue with emos is that you cannot clear them with a rake.

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Our logo and banner art is by H Folkmans. The Direcast theme was composed and performed by Matt George Lovett, while this episode's theme "Visions of Freedom" was composed by Jonathan Shaw. Open source sound effects were used from the BBC and Soundbible. This episode was edited by Jacob Warr and H Folkmans.

This week we were playing Warrior Poets by Grant Howett, available here (

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