Diehard Eagles

The Diehard Eagles podcast is by Diehard Eagles fan by Diehard Eagles fans. Sean ‘Stacking The Money’ Green from The Sports Gambling Podcast hosts with his two fellow Diehard Eagles fans Robby & Justin as they break down everything that is going right and wrong for the Philadelphia Eagles. Tired of Philadelphia Eagles podcasts hosted by dorky sports writers? Then this is the podcast for you. Fly Eagles Fly every episode on the Diehard Eagles podcast.

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Eagles New Head Coach Nick Sirianni (Ep. 20)
Show Details32min 13s
Doug Pederson Fired And New Eagles Coach Odds (Ep. 19)
Show Details48min 54s
Season From Hell Ends (Ep. 18)
Show Details42min 45s
Blow It All Up (Ep. 17)
Show Details38min 32s
Dallas Sucks (Ep. 16)
Show Details38min 45s
It Doesn’t Hurts Right Now (Ep. 15)
Show Details40min 35s
Hurts So Good? (Ep. 14)
Show Details39min 22s
This Season Really Hurts | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 13)
Show Details38min 33s
The End Of The Doug P Era? | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 12)
Show Details25min 45s
Rock Bottom & Browns Preview | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 11)
Show Details27min 18s
NFC Beast! And Giants Game Preview | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 10)
Show Details32min 28s
Dallas Still Sucks And First Half Recap | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 9)
Show Details32min 5s
Dallas Sucks | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 8)
Show Details42min 16s
Giant Killers | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 7)
Show Details41min 18s
Fulgham Fever | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 6)
Show Details46min 31s
Big Win! & The Battle For PA | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 5)
Show Details55min 53s
Rally Against The 49ers! | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 4)
Show Details46min 30s
Must Win Against The Bengals | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 3)
Show Details38min
Rams Preview & Football Team Loss Recap | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 2)
Show Details39min 39s
Roster Grades & Prop Bets | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 1)
Show Details1hr 19min