Die Cast

An actual play Dungeons & Dragons show set in the wondrous land of Ethos! A vast and unique world as splendid and magical as it is fraught with peril and mystery... A nearly entirely homebrew (original) world with a deep and rich lore stuffed with more original mechanics, creatures, fantastical peoples and powerfully magical, mysterious artifacts.

 The tales of Ethos are lead by our Game Master, Bryce Sanders who has over a decade of experience with improv and acting, accompanied by a stunning and creative cast of goons sure to entertain no matter what dimension you're from! Perfect for veterans and fresh faced heroes alike, anyone with a thirst for adventure and a love for laughter will be sure to enjoy listening as this grand story unfolds!

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Liliana's Painting Part 4. Mac and Cheese?
Show Details32min 10s
Liliana's Painting Part 3. Happy Little Trees?
Show Details28min 56s
Liliana's Painting Part 2. Not Just Any Boulder?
Show Details33min 49s
Liliana's Painting Part 1. Our Heroes?
Show Details38min 15s
Long Live the King!
Show Details27min 32s
Terror In the Night
Show Details21min 33s
King Oryn?
Show Details21min 5s
Forgotten Ghosts of Hallowed Peak
Show Details2hr 6min
Close Encounters of The Short Kind
Show Details20min 30s
Oryn and the Real Girl.
Show Details30min 23s
A Fae Tale
Show Details30min 47s
To The Library!
Show Details30min 3s
Shenanigans and Gondolas
Show Details18min 41s
The Smitten Bitten.
Show Details30min 13s
Wolf Blood
Show Details28min 9s
A Day in the Sunlight, or is that Moonlight?
Show Details29min 33s
Hero's Fury
Show Details25min 11s
A Fae Road to Wander.
Show Details31min 29s
An Eye Popping Puzzle
Show Details24min 30s
Beyond a Golden Grin
Show Details35min 12s
Unwelcome Surprise
Show Details27min 27s
A Maiden's Tears
Show Details35min 58s
Show Details34min 34s
Warm Welcome
Show Details36min 41s
Wraith Banner
Show Details35min 6s
In the Name of the Queen.
Show Details33min
Raise Your Banner High!
Show Details36min 15s
Death Knocks Twice.
Show Details30min 10s
What Plan?
Show Details28min 35s
Are You Not Entertained?!
Show Details28min 59s
Ruckus Reunion
Show Details30min 58s
The Hunt
Show Details33min 44s
Before The Bladed Throne
Show Details32min 24s
In the Wolf-House.
Show Details31min 15s
Dreams of a Heartbeat
Show Details31min 47s
Welcome to Wolftown.
Show Details32min 35s
Great Slugs of Fire!
Show Details30min 59s
Down The Hatch
Show Details33min 35s
Moon River Rumble
Show Details37min 36s
We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!
Show Details35min 52s
If a Mayor Falls in the Forest...
Show Details36min 55s
Die Cast Fate
Show Details37min 49s