Dice and Slice Discussions

A discussion based podcast where we chat about upcoming news, features, changes or new releases for Pathfinder 2nd edition.


Where Are We?
Show Details3min 40s
Discussion-E07 PF2e First Impressions!
Show Details1hr 20min
Discussion-E06 - 2nd Edition Revealed
Show Details1hr 12min
Discussion-E05 - Paizo News
Show Details32min 11s
Discussion-E04 - Animal Companions
Show Details30min 52s
Discussion-E03 - Getting Started with Initiative
Show Details47min 2s
Discussion-E02 - More New Features of PF2
Show Details55min 48s
Discussion-E01 - Why PF2e Over DnD 5e
Show Details59min 28s
Discussion E00
Show Details2min 3s