The Deep End #1

37m | May 31, 2023

A show where Shane Newsome & Andy Rouse talk about reality and riff on wild clips they find. Episodes release weekly on Patreon, and occasionally to the public Deep Share feed.

I've treated my Patreon page as more of a donation box than anything else; a way to say thanks if you enjoy the Deep Share. Now this new show will bring more value to the experience.

However, I will die on this hill: Nothing crucial or explosive will ever be kept behind this paywall; this is entertainment above all else. If any subject matter of importance is discussed, that episode will NOT be exclusive to the Patreon and will be released to the public at the same exact time.

That being said, thank you for listening, I appreciate you, and if you appreciate the work I put in and would like to say thanks, come find me on Patreon:

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