Ep. 98 - Kooks & Spooks: Dark Psychedelica & the New Pharmacopeia, with Carl Hassell

Season 1 | Episode 98
1h 13m | Jun 29, 2023

Thanks for tuning into another Deep Share. On this episode, I continue my ongoing foray into psychedelica's dark underbelly. My guest is Carl Hassell, who has a lot of first hand experience with this subject, and quite a few first hand accounts of the shady characters and organizations surrounding and engulfing the psychedelic culture. We talk about Peyote Way Church of God, The Grateful Dead, Weaponized Anthropology, Mormon Splinter Groups, and some Laurel Canyon corrections as well. We also cover the NEW psychedelic revolution that's going on right now and what it could possibly be leading us into. This was a great conversation and Carl is an excellent guest and compassionate person. Hope you enjoy!

Carl Hassell:

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