Ep. 92 - Roundtable Birthday Bash with Danunaki Dan, Joakim Häggström, Juan Ayala & Dr. Narco Longo

Season 1 | Episode 92
1h 59m | May 11, 2023

Thanks for tuning in to another Deep Share. On this episode, I assembled some of the best alternative history researchers - who just so happen to be some of my favorite human beings - to celebrate my birthday with me and dismantle the manipulations and lies of our twisted history. Bombs were dropped, connections were made, lies disseminated... It was an excellent time. Huge thanks to my homies Danunaki Dan, Joakim Häggström, Dr. Narco Longo and Juan Ayala for bringing the heat!!! Enjoy!

Danunaki Dan:

Dr. Narco Longo:

Juan Ayala:

Joakim Häggström:

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