Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 264: The Ups and Downs of Dragon's Dogma 2

1h 40m | Apr 1, 2024

Greetings listeners!

On this week's episode of the show we've got another Quest Log focused episode for you!

First up Joel dipped his toes in the recently (properly) released demo for the upcoming PS5 action game, Stellar Blade, and gives us the low down on how he found it. Meanwhile Kyran has been checking out Dragon's Dogma 2 and wrestles with the good and the bad of playing it.

We also have a small spoiler corner for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth where Joel talks about his recent progress before he steps away from the show for a little while for real life stuff. If you want to avoid the spoilers then skip from 1:11:59 to 1:31:28.

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