7. Wrap Up ft. Cecilia Leal & Carter Bellaimey!

Episode 7
1h 22m | Aug 15, 2022

We can't believe Black Bird is over! But the podcast must go on. It's Kristin and Sarah here to talk about some things we missed when talking about the episodes the first time around, some final thoughts about the show, and our feelings about all the friends we've talked to (so far!).

Speaking of friends, we are lucky to be joined this week by two amazing people from Black Bird!

First we hear from Cecilia Leal, who plays Rochelle! She tells us all about working on Black Bird, from the audition process, to some deleted scenes she filmed. Follow Cecilia on Instagram here! @cecilia___leal

Next, we hear from Carter Bellaimey! Carter had two jobs on Black Bird, playing the role of "Leper Prisoner" as well as being the dialect coach behind Taron Egerton's American accent! Carter tells us all about working with Taron on Black Bird, a bit about Tetris, and the process of developing an accent with an actor. Follow Carter on twitter here! @carterbellaimey

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Special thanks to Heidi and Linda for your help and support!

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