In Jimmy's Shoes ft. Our Friends!

1h 33m | Sep 19, 2022

If you were in Jimmy Keene’s shoes and you were offered this deal to get out of prison in exchange for working with the FBI to get a confession from a serial killer, would you take the deal? How do you think would you handle it?

Super special bonus episode for you this week! This one has been in the works for a long time so we're very excited to share it with you now. Sarah and Kristin are here along with a guest co-host, our awesome social media captain! Heidi collected a bunch of amazing answers from some of our incredible listeners (like you!) and we read them on the podcast.

We are also joined by some familiar voices you've heard before! That's right, they're back! We hear again from Laney Stiebing, Cade Tropeano, Blue Clarke, Cecilia Leal, Carter Bellaimey, Joe Williamson, Cullen Moss, Jake McLaughlin, and Paul Walter Hauser who give us their thoughtful answers to this question.

We also talk a lot about some inside baseball stuff when it comes to the podcast and how we felt about booking all these amazing people for our show, and have some fun and silly discussions. It's a great time, we hope you enjoy the episode!

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Music: “Dead By Dawn” by Karl Casey - White Bat Audio

Special thanks to Heidi and Linda for your help and support!

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