Something You Wanna Know

Hi! This is Desmond Fernandes. My Podcast invites guests to have a light-hearted conversation on various topics. 

A fun conversation from a common man's point of view.


Podcast EP17 Are You Obsessed with SSR'S Case?
Show Details5min 59s
Podcast EP16 Positive Side Of A Paranormal Activity.
Show Details12min 38s
Podcast EP15 A Personal Haunting Experience At Chittorgarh Fort Rajasthan
Show Details19min 53s
Podcast EP14 Celebrating Teacher's Day [Lockdown Experiences, FunFacts & Inside Stories]
Show Details19min 49s
Podcast EP13 Living Your Best Life [The Answer Always Lies Within Us] With Shwetha Sivaraman
Show Details28min 59s
Podcast EP12 Curly Tales With Nikita Rodrigues [All About Curls]
Show Details30min 58s
Podcast EP11 A Fun Quiz On India Ft. BINOD [Independence Day Special]
Show Details37min 19s
Podcast EP10 [Married vs Single] Fun Facts, Personal Experience, Differences & SIMA AUNTY
Show Details22min 56s
Received An Award From Kanan Gill & Manek D'Silva
Show Details1min 46s
Podcast EP9 Friendship Day Special [School Memories]
Show Details21min 58s
Podcast EP8 Bollywood And Its Improvement In Movies And TV Series
Show Details20min 38s
Podcast EP7 Ghost Stories [Part 5] The Lady On The Cot. A Haunted House In Indore [India]
Show Details17min 56s
Podcast EP6 Ghost Stories [Part4] Haunted Hotels Narrated By A Cabin Crew
Show Details15min 46s
Podcast EP5 Ghost Stories [Part 3] Kuldhara. The Haunted Village of Rajasthan, India.
Show Details18min 16s
Podcast EP4 Opening up on Sexual Abuse, Depression & Consent with Dr. Tanuja Prem & Crystal D'souza.
Show Details21min 17s
Podcast EP3 Can We Really Ban Chinese Products In India?
Show Details20min 16s
Podcast EP2 Ghost Stories [Part-2]
Show Details10min 15s
Podcast EP1 Ghost Stories [Part-1]
Show Details21min 13s
Something You Wanna Know With Desmond Fernandes- Introduction.
Show Details1min 19s