Design For The People

Conversations with the inspiring minds, using design and creativity towards social change. Making a positive difference in our lives, our communities, and the world. This is Design for the People, hosted by Graphic Designer and Consultant Greg Bunbury.


12: Empowering girls through design education, with Sisterhood
Show Details59min 55s
11: Life as an Artivist, with janet e. dandridge
Show Details1hr 12min
10: Empowering Art Through Content, with Ade Sanusi
Show Details30min 47s
09: Conversations From Calais, with Mathilda Della Torre.
Show Details32min 38s
08: Hustle, Niche, Serve – from Ads to Publishing with Juan Roberts
Show Details1hr 2min
07: Understanding Ideas, Arrangements & Effects, with Kenneth Bailey
Show Details32min 58s
06: Challenging Ideas from Architecture to Film, with Nilesh Patel
Show Details43min 21s
05: Connecting Cultures Through Storytelling, with Nosa Igbinedion
Show Details48min 31s
04: Engaging Communities Through Public Art, with Martin Goodrich
Show Details46min 22s
O3: The Medium Is The Message, with Jahnavi Inniss
Show Details19min
02: Serving Others Through Design, with Samuel Mensah
Show Details24min 30s
01: The Power of Conscious Choices, with Nadina Ali
Show Details21min 35s