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Dental Glidepath Podcast

Paving through dentistry like a DG16 explorer. Come, Hook in with me!


Breaking the Glass ceiling w Dr. Batool S Vazir
Show Details11min 23s
Knowledge is only a memory until it lives in the muscle! w Dr. Ramsha Kiran (6 tips included)
Show Details9min 34s
Philosophical Hermeneutics w Dr. Ayesha Farooqui
Show Details11min 55s
Growth Mindset Ethos 2.0 w Dr. Aneeqa Aslam
Show Details11min 54s
Growth Mindset Ethos w Dr. Aneeqa Aslam
Show Details17min 58s
Your Business Insider w Dr. Sahar Naved Khan
Show Details12min 32s
Gear up and become your own BAWSE w Dr. Yusra Kanwal
Show Details6min 53s
Lend a Hand & Level up! w Dr. Sahar Naved Khan
Show Details15min 17s
The Glidepath you need as a Dentist!
Show Details1min 36s