(DEMO) Resilient Faith at Work


A podcast about building resilience at work. Welcome to the Resilient Faith at Work Podcast—Insight and inspiration to thrive at work.

We’ve created the Resilient Faith at Work podcast to provide you with practices to increase your resilience and inspiration to follow through on those habits. Each episode will feature a guest with a unique and compelling take on endurance. Stay with us for the journey and you’ll get a masterclass in surviving the unexpected turbulence in your career.

And faith is a key element of this, in fact it’s the foundational element of resilience. Our guests are more than inspiring, they are women and men who anchor their hopes in Jesus - in his work on our behalf, in his promises, and his power at work in us.

We believe the process of developing resilience is a team sport and we are honored to walk alongside professionals like you, all over the world, equipping them to find and follow God’s plan for their work.


Dr. Chip Roper - President of VOCA Center

Ken Kinard -

Sarah Evers - Coaching Consultant


Each episode is recorded in front of a live webinar audience.  Register at so you can join us and shape the conversation.

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