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Frameworks & Finance (formerly Delve into Money)

Each Wednesday, Kurtis talks about either a framework or financial concept. These could be personal or professional and will span a wide range of topics.

Once a month, Kurtis will host a guest to get another perspective.

Join us in this journey to improve our thinking in life and work.

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How to identify the right KPIs
Show Details12min 19s
Ecommerce and a bias to action with Corey Nicholson
Show Details39min 29s
The 3 Financial Statements
Show Details15min 54s
A change in format
Show Details5min 46s
How to create a sustainable business with Josh Patrick
Show Details42min 1s
5 factors in success more important than talent
Show Details17min 9s
24 personal finance concepts everyone should know
Show Details22min 15s
How to fail well (The Waterline Principle)
Show Details16min 4s
My top 5 personal finance books of all time
Show Details22min 8s
9 reasons you should track your net worth (and how)
Show Details21min 42s
15 financial lessons I wish I'd learned at 20
Show Details18min 10s
Doing a weekly review
Show Details21min 41s
Motivation, Willpower, and Money
Show Details34min 1s
How each department can impact Financial Statements
Show Details15min 37s
Why you need to understand financial statements
Show Details20min 13s
Signs you're stagnate and how to avoid it
Show Details20min 39s
Finding contentment in life and money
Show Details18min 51s
Your focus is your responsibility (Tips on how to focus)
Show Details19min 32s
17 skills to get a promotion or raise
Show Details17min 38s
Stop asking $3 questions and ask yourself this instead
Show Details16min 14s
Actually achieve your goals by doing the Quarterly Review
Show Details19min 53s
Living at the edge of your comfort zone (Atomic Habits #5)
Show Details16min 39s
How to find your talent and double down (Atomic Habits #4)
Show Details13min 41s
Joining a group is the golden ticket to adopting a new habit (Atomic Habits #3)
Show Details21min 1s
4 ways to attack your limiting beliefs and make a new identity stick (Atomic Habits #2)
Show Details14min 43s
Stop self-sabotaging your financial goals (Atomic Habits #1)
Show Details22min 46s
BONUS: Breaking down the FIRE Movement with AdultingIsEasy, MainStMoney, & RoadToWealthPod (A Twitter Spaces)
Show Details2hr 4min
Having a default to action mentality (Man's Search for Meaning)
Show Details25min 4s
Living spontaneously (Redeeming the time book #5)
Show Details23min 41s
The books I'm reading & tips to read more
Show Details12min 58s
Using routines to control your spending (Redeeming the time book #4)
Show Details21min 51s
BONUS: The Most Common Financial Mistakes with AdultingIsEasy, MainStMoney, & RoadToWealthPod (A Twitter Spaces)
Show Details1hr 48min
A framework for achieving long-term goals and the not-to-do list (Redeeming Your Time book #3)
Show Details32min 52s
Removing the financial distractions from your life (Redeeming Your Time book #2)
Show Details21min 3s
Creating a system to handle open loops & setting up a weekly financially review (Redeeming Your Time book #1)
Show Details29min 52s
BONUS: 2022 Goals and Setting Good Goals with AdultingIsEasy, MainStMoney, & RoadToWealthPod (A Twitter Spaces)
Show Details1hr 4min
10 Financial Goal Ideas in 2022
Show Details23min 50s
2021 Year in Review: Lessons I've learned and how they apply to your finances
Show Details24min 19s
SHORTS: How much should my emergency fund be?
Show Details8min 9s
SHORTS: Budgeting Basics Part 2 - Setting Up The Budget
Show Details4min 28s
BONUS: Understanding Inflation with AdultingIsEasy, MainStMoney, RoadToWealthPod, & IAmCoachClint (A Twitter Spaces)
Show Details1hr 12min
SHORTS: 13 Ways to Spend Less During the Christmas Season
Show Details12min 38s
BONUS: Understanding Asset Allocations with AdultingIsEasy, MainStMoney, AccentInvesting, & IAmCoachClint (A Twitter Spaces)
Show Details1hr 25min
SHORTS: Budgeting Basics Part 1 - Understanding your spending
Show Details7min 33s
The story of Thanksgiving and counting our financial blessings
Show Details16min 56s
SHORTS: Why you need a budget
Show Details4min 54s
BONUS: Introducing a new series, SHORTS (PS. We had a baby!!)
Show Details12min 23s
Replacing your negative money mindsets with positive ones - Soundtracks book
Show Details29min 13s
Rethinking your money beliefs - Think Again by Adam Grant
Show Details30min 27s
Money and Marriage Launch Episode
Show Details32min 6s
Crypto Deep Dive Part 2 with Stephen Wealthy - Mining, Staking, and recommendations
Show Details43min 19s
Crypto Deep Dive Part 1 with Stephen Wealthy
Show Details43min 49s
5 root causes of your marriage money issues
Show Details38min 32s
Creating a morning routine that'll make you money w/ Greg Junge
Show Details28min 19s
A framework for better money conversations with your spouse - Part 2
Show Details31min 27s
A framework for better money conversations with your spouse - Part 1
Show Details34min 46s
Removing biases and creating buffer in our budget and investment strategies - Essentialism Part 2
Show Details33min 47s
Discerning what's best and exploring investing options - Essentialism book Part 1
Show Details33min 3s
Read more books with these simple tricks
Show Details18min 51s
Teaching children about money and rewiring our brain - Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain book
Show Details29min 59s
Dave Ramsey: the good, the bad, and everything in between w/ The Financial Dads Podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
How to create better money habits without relying on willpower or motivation - Tiny Habits book
Show Details36min 18s
How to stop getting distracted from your money goals - Indistractable Book
Show Details35min 5s
Common factors to becoming a millionaire - The Millionaire Next Door Book
Show Details37min 35s
5 book recommendations to level up your personal finances
Show Details25min 26s
How to create a "someday" fund and complete your most important tasks - Make Time Book
Show Details33min 2s
Introduction: we all struggle with financial doubt. Here is how this podcast plans to help.
Show Details12min 4s
What is this podcast about?
Show Details1min 17s