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De Gays Watch Degrassi

The Degrassi rewatch podcast with one diehard fan & their reluctant cohost. Their expertise and his skepticism will reveal tidbits, make connections, and shed a new rainbow on this Canadian after school special. 


S2E8 Mirror in the Bathroom
Show Details36min 21s
S2E8 Shout Pt 2
Show Details31min 48s
S2E7 Shout Pt 1
Show Details41min 23s
S2E6 Drive
Show Details44min 53s
S2E5 Weird Science
Show Details32min 13s
S2E4 Karma Chameleon
Show Details59min 6s
S2E3 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Show Details23min 46s
S2E2 When Doves Cry Pt 2
Show Details24min 50s
S2E1 - When Doves Cry Pt 1
Show Details53min 16s
S1E15 Jagged Little Pill
Show Details38min 55s
S1S14 Under Pressure
Show Details29min 53s
S1E13 Cabaret
Show Details36min
Wannabe S1E12
Show Details42min 19s
Friday Night - S1E11
Show Details1hr 17min
Rumors and Reputation S1E10
Show Details53min 44s
Coming of Age S1E9
Show Details34min 5s
Secrets and Lies S1E8
Show Details25min 25s
Basketball Diaries S1E7
Show Details26min 13s
Dave Our Fave: Tribute to Jahmil French
Show Details14min 26s
The Mating Game S1E6
Show Details29min 43s
Parent's Day - S1E5
Show Details28min 3s
Eye of the Beholder - S1E4
Show Details27min 44s
Family Politics - S1E3
Show Details29min 35s
Mother and Child Reunion Pt 2 - S1E2
Show Details29min 44s
Mother and Child Reunion Pt 1 - S1E1
Show Details27min 51s
Welcome to De Gays Watch Degrassi
Show Details35s