The Piute Ground Squirrel

Season 3 | Episode 1
1h 17m | Jan 12, 2023

Welcome to Season Three of Dedication Point! We're extremely excited to bring you a new season of episodes about the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey NCA. 

This season’s theme is prey. The Snake River canyon region was set aside as an National Conservation Area because of it’s uniquely high density of birds of prey - and while these raptors get a lot of attention - the prey species that the raptors rely on are often overlooked. We seek to amend this situation in Season 3 of this podcast - each episode will be focused on a different species, group or category of animals that serve as prey for the area’s raptors.

We're starting with the Piute ground squirrel. This prey species lives in high abundance in the NCA and is a keystone species of this ecosystem. For this episode we spoke with Zoe Duran, a wildlife biologist who’s been involved with Piute ground squirrel research for close to ten years.

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