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Podcast where alpha male Benji Bury and child sounding adult Franco Robinson delve deep into film to decide whether a movie is good or bad... oh, and all with the help of the alphabet!


INTERVIEW: 'Heartstopper' Tobie Donovan
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INTERVIEW: Alice Brooks
Show Details17min 14s
Frances Ha
Show Details1hr 12min
Bonus Episode: Oscar Talk w/ Koki Riley
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Edward Scissorhands (w/ Jennifer Vega)
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Deer Hunter, The
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Crash (w/ Jacob Throneberry)
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After last weeks discussion on Brokeback Mountain, we now go on to C where Crash (2005) is conveniently there for us to discuss how the Academy make awful, awful decisions. Jacob Throneberry from Music City Drive-in joins us this time.

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1hr 57min
Published May 8, 2021 at 10:11pm
Brokeback Mountain (w/ Erik Anderson & Diana Ossana)
Show Details1hr
American Graffiti
Show Details41min 58s