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Mid-Year 2023 Oscar Discussion Feat. Erik Anderson, Awardswatch
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INTERVIEW: 'Heartstopper' Tobie Donovan
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INTERVIEW: Alice Brooks
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This was recorded way back in November but never got to see the light of day... UNTIL NOW! One of my favourite interviews I've conducted, cinematographer Alice Brooks discusses In the Heights and tick, tick...BOOM!, her style in shooting and women in film.

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Published May 27, 2022 at 1:12am
Frances Ha
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Bonus Episode: Oscar Talk w/ Koki Riley
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Edward Scissorhands (w/ Jennifer Vega)
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Deer Hunter, The
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Crash (w/ Jacob Throneberry)
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Brokeback Mountain (w/ Erik Anderson & Diana Ossana)
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American Graffiti
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