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Decompose - For The Love of Tech

My name is Eugine Emil Yunga, and I am your podcast host.

I love technology. I love how it makes us more connected and more efficient. I love how it allows us to share ideas and experiences with people otherwise out of reach.

I'm a big believer in the power of technology to bring people together, and I think it's vital that we all get to know one another better to build stronger communities and prepare for the future together.


The Future of Web Technology and Evolution of the Internet
Show Details22min 13s
The start of a new era (Dethroning the Iphone)
Show Details13min 50s
The Xiaomi and Infinix event (specs decomposition)
Show Details16min 57s
You don't wanna miss these!!
Show Details14min 45s
Why does this get less attention??
Show Details15min 28s
Budget Phone Buyers Guide In Tanzania
Show Details17min 21s
Welcome message
Show Details49s