Episode 143: How To Overcome The “GYMCESSION”: The Five Mile Celebrity Strategy For ORGANIC & PAID Leads

1h 1m | May 15, 2024

Have you ever felt like your lead generation efforts in the fitness industry are falling flat? With the current "Gymcession" hitting many markets hard, it's crucial to adapt and pivot to stay ahead. 

In this episode we're revealing the Five Mile Celebrity Strategy for generating both organic and paid leads, helping you navigate these challenging times and come out on top. We'll share the exact marketing strategies and tactics we're using to attract new clients and keep our gyms thriving, even during tough times.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding the "Gymcession": Gain insights into the current challenges facing the fitness industry and why lead generation has become more difficult in many markets.
  2. The Five Mile Celebrity Strategy: Learn how to implement this innovative strategy to boost your gym's visibility and attract new clients through both organic and paid lead generation methods.
  3. Proven Marketing Tactics: Discover the specific marketing tactics we're using right now to drive traffic and increase memberships, including real-world examples from successful gym owners.
  4. Interactive Discussion: Participate in a live discussion and Q&A session where you can share your own challenges and get personalized advice on how to adapt your marketing strategy to the current climate.

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