Deadly Debbie's Creepy Files: Ghost Stories and True Horror Tales

A Thursday biweekly podcast where your host Deadly Debbie shares real life, strange but true stories from her creepy files. From the weird and wonderful to the unexplained and terrifying. Send your strange but true stories in to us here:


S2 Episode 15: The Black Eyed Children
Show Details37min 37s
S2 Episode 14: The Hunter
Show Details29min 59s
S2 Episode 13: It Happened On The Stairs
Show Details35min 42s
S2 Episode 12: Halloween Spooktacular
Show Details35min 24s
S2: Episode 11: The Gnome Creature
Show Details29min 31s
S2: Episode 10: The Woman In The Mirror
Show Details41min 48s
S2: Episode 9: My Childhood Friend Nathaniel
Show Details31min 59s
S2: Episode 8: The Shadow in the Wall
Show Details34min 39s
S2: Episode 7: A monk and a man named Joe Lasagna
Show Details40min 39s
S2: Episode 6: Listener Call in: The Shadow Man that haunts me
Show Details31min 25s
S2: Episode 5: 'Old Mom' in my Daughters Closet
Show Details32min 17s
S2: Episode 4: Listener Call in: The Ghosts in my House
Show Details29min 33s
S2 Episode 3: My Ghost Rat
Show Details34min 56s
S2: Episode 2: Phone Debbie: Listener Call in Show: The Haunted Log Cabin
Show Details28min 59s
S2: Episode 1: My Daughter's Disappearance
Show Details34min 43s
Episode 20: The 911 Call ( Extra Long special)
Show Details54min 8s
Episode 19: The Marines soldier back from the Dead
Show Details34min 8s
Episode 18: The Wilmington Horror House
Show Details35min 44s
Episode 17: The Ghost in our Laundry Room
Show Details35min 53s
Episode 16: The Grey Hand in the Window
Show Details31min 41s
Episode 15: The Shapeshifter in the Rice Field
Show Details31min 33s
Episode 14: The old Lady in the Bath Tub
Show Details41min 9s
Episode 13: Watching me from the Attic
Show Details34min 21s
Episode 12: Grocery Store Mom
Show Details28min 38s
Deadly Debbie's Creepy Files (Trailer)
Show Details37s
Episode 11: The Haunted Radio
Show Details27min 22s
Episode 10: The Thing in our House
Show Details29min 28s
Episode 9: The Hitchhiker
Show Details23min 57s
Episode 8: My imaginary friend
Show Details39min 45s
Episode 7: The Window
Show Details24min 40s
Special January round up episode with producers
Show Details45min 43s
Episode 6: The ghost on the stairs
Show Details26min 43s
Episode 5: The Goat Man
Show Details26min 25s
A welcome message from the producer
Show Details1min 18s
Episode 4: I'll give you a ride ...
Show Details26min 33s
Episode 3: I only came in for a beer ...
Show Details28min 2s
Episode 2: The Angel
Show Details26min 53s
Episode 1: The Girl in the Red Bikini
Show Details22min 40s