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The home for weird segues and insane ramblings. DRH is a two man nerd podcast doing verbal shit posting about games, movies and general stuff. Stupid comments and offensive humor galore. Recording in a basement somewhere in Sweden.

Not for the easily offended.

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About Cancel Culture - DRH ep. 49
Show Details43min 25s
Suspension of disbelief and how it's broken - DRH ep. 48
Show Details57min 39s
Spider-man poof and progressive hi-jack - DRH ep. 47
Show Details59min 49s
Weird stuff but true - DRH ep. 46
Show Details59min 35s
What lurks beneath - DRH ep. 45
Show Details1hr 3min
Games and tired themes (and tropes) - DRH ep. 44
Show Details59min 45s
Against good taste of games - DRH ep. 43
Show Details1hr
Uncanny Cats and scrotum armor - DRH ep. 42
Show Details1hr 4min
A talk about moral (panic) - DRH ep. 41
Show Details42min 32s
Music and genre - DRH ep. 40
Show Details1hr 15min
Surprise mechanics, Internet Constitution and a bad king - DRH Ep. 39
Show Details47min 24s
When series go bad and breaking prequels - DRH Ep. 38
Show Details46min 6s
Kaijus, E3 and Swedish Midsummer - DRH Ep. 37
Show Details53min 10s
The VoxAdpocalyps - DRH Ep. 36
Show Details26min 30s
Loot box legislation and Gamer addiction - DRH Ep. 35
Show Details50min 2s
A deeper dive into our games - DRH Ep. 34
Show Details1hr 28min
A visit down South, travel episode - DRH Ep. 33
Show Details33min 23s
Controversial Content Creation and Free Speech with FairDinkum Dave - DHR Ep. 32
Show Details54min 15s
Self Made Game Designers, our creations - DRH Ep. 31
Show Details1hr 11min
Mixbag of Endgame, Outward and Badgers - DRH Ep. 30
Show Details55min 33s
ALIENS (!!) and other sci-fi monsters - DRH Ep. 29
Show Details44min 17s
Episode NEIN title reveal and Hellboy review - DRH ep. 28
Show Details50min 12s
G.A.S. and the future of gaming - DRH Ep. 27
Show Details51min 41s
This content has been blocked in accordance with Article 13 - DRH Ep. 26
Show Details37min 45s
The Epic Games Store exclusivity deals and Disney's monopoly - DRH Ep. 25
Show Details38min 19s
Banishing some Demons, a continued discussion on the modern iconic monster - DRH Ep. 24
Show Details56min 38s
The final chapter of Captain Marvel and the MCU - DRH Ep. 23
Show Details33min 24s
A nerdom divided, the disconnect between fans and creators - DRH Ep. 22
Show Details35min 50s
Talking about Alita: Battle Angel, CelesSteel and Rotten Tomatoes - DRH Ep. 21
Show Details43min 50s
Taking a stab at Vampires, a continued discussion on the modern iconic monster - DRH Ep. 20
Show Details51min 3s
EA's Star Wars licence and Captain Marvel's activism - DRH Ep. 19
Show Details37min 24s
Crapping on Zombies, a discussion on the modern iconic monster - DRH Ep. 18
Show Details44min 11s
A rant on the current state of Gaming - DRH Ep. 17
Show Details30min 33s
The Fandom Menace strikes back, Vader Fan film and Ghostbusters 3 - DRH Ep. 16
Show Details39min 57s
A discussion on world building and story consistency - DRH Ep. 15
Show Details48min 51s
The Mary Sue and lazy character writing - DRH Ep. 14
Show Details42min 33s
New years talk, Gaming Crash and other stuff - DRH Ep. 13
Show Details39min 37s
Captain Marvel and other trailers, bad gaming news and other stuff - DRH Ep. 12
Show Details52min 30s
The future of Star Wars - DRH Ep. 11
Show Details41min 41s
Fallout 76 and Battlefield 5 dumpster fire, the cost of arrogance - DRH Ep. 10
Show Details40min 39s
Fallout 76 release fail, microtransactions and Game company arrogance - DRH Ep. 9
Show Details41min 23s
In memory of Stan Lee
Show Details14min 21s
The Diablo Immortal fiasko, Blizzards major mistake - DRH Ep. 8
Show Details36min 22s
A tale about Horror - DRH Ep.7
Show Details42min 32s
Tabletop role-playing games and Daredevil season 3 - DRH Ep. 6
Show Details55min 31s
The Neo-puritanism of western gaming, canceling of Iron Fist and Fallout 76 - DRH Ep.5
Show Details38min 34s
GooglePlus shut down, The mandalorian and Facist Anime - DRH Ep.4
Show Details34min 14s
The Last Jedi russian bots, EU laws and CD Project lawsuit - DRH Ep. 3
Show Details37min 56s
Swedens lack of humor, Linux Code of Conduct and Rome 2 - DRH Ep. 2
Show Details42min
Star Wars, Comics and Battlefield - DRH Ep. 1
Show Details38min 49s