In 2046 Growing Young

22m | Feb 20, 2023

This episode follows an ongoing arc. To follow the arc from the beginning, listen to these episodes in order: 1 – In 2040 Taking Back Life, 10 – In 2043 Immortal, and 19 In 2045 Robot Police.

Marvin recovers and the family he stays with cannot believe that he’s in his 70s. He looks like he’s in his 40s. His condition causes debilitating pain, so he needs pain medication.

Tanner has the same condition, and it draws attention to her from someone who realizes Tanner has found a secret to looking young.

Their condition is the result of a treatment that causes their cells to constantly clone and replace. In the future people will advance in the ability to prolong life and those who push the tech too quickly will create problems for those getting treated.

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