• The Series Finale
    Join us one final time (maybe) as we open things up talking about the final episode of Arrow and are joined one final time by our friend John Wesley Shipp.  To wrap things up we dive into some of our favorite memories and moments of the last 4 years doing the DC Prime Time podcast … Continue reading "The Series Finale"
    2h 22m - Feb 3, 2020
  • Issue #200 – Crisis Concluded
    Crisis on Infinite Earths has concluded and we give you our complete breakdown of Parts 4 and 5 as well as our thoughts on the crossover as a whole. We also dive a little deeper into what is our penultimate episode of the DC Prime Time podcast. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dcprimetime Check out our friend Brian C. … Continue reading "Issue #200 – Crisis Concluded"
    1h 40m - Jan 20, 2020
  • Issue #199 – Crisis is Here!
    EXTENDED ISSUE!!! This is it, this is what we’ve been building towards for the past year…. the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event is finally here!  Join us as we dive in head first into the wonder that is Crisis on Infinite Earths as we share and breakdown the events that occurred in Crisis Parts … Continue reading "Issue #199 – Crisis is Here!"
    2h 21m - Dec 16, 2019
  • Issue #198 – Crisis Prelude
    We are on the cusp of Crisis on Infinite Earths beginning but before we jump into the fight, we have mid-season finales to talk about.  This week we rate and review this week’s episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow… the last episodes before a Crisis comes to the multiverse. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dcprimetime Check out … Continue reading "Issue #198 – Crisis Prelude"
    1h 33m - Dec 9, 2019
  • Issue #197 – New God Rating Time!
    Crisis on Infinite Earths begins next week and we have only 2 more issues (including this one) before we begin our coverage of it!  In the meantime we cover the newest episode of both The Flash and Arrow… two episodes that got extremely high ratings from us both.  We breakdown the episodes then bring you … Continue reading "Issue #197 – New God Rating Time!"
    1h 17m - Dec 2, 2019
  • Issue #196 – Prime Time… DC Prime Time
    We are only 3 weeks away from Crisis on Infinite Earths and this week was a week completely full of Arrowverse goodness!  Completely refreshed, we dive into this week’s newest episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow giving you our ratings and breakdowns of the episodes.  All that plus the latest news from DC. … Continue reading "Issue #196 – Prime Time… DC Prime Time"
    1h 31m - Nov 25, 2019
  • Issue #195 – Talk About Low Energy!
    It’s a short, slow week and we are very slow hosts this episodes. We’re fresh off of our annual 24-Hour Extra-Life Charity event and it shows but we press on and give our reviews and breakdowns of the only two episodes to air this week, that being the newest episodes of Batwoman and Supergirl. We … Continue reading "Issue #195 – Talk About Low Energy!"
    51m - Nov 19, 2019
  • Issue #194 – The Kids are Alright
    We’re healthy!  That’s the good news.  The better news… we have another week of Arrowverse show reviews and breakdowns.  Join us this week as we bring you our reviews of this week’s new episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow.  And of course, we close out the show with a few DC news stories, … Continue reading "Issue #194 – The Kids are Alright"
    1h 44m - Nov 11, 2019
  • Issue #193 – Grief Stricken
    It’s a day late, but we still bring you our weekly breakdown of the Arrowverse… even with a sick host.  Rob is under the weather but we still push thru as we bring you our breakdowns and reviews of this week’s episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow.  And of course we wrap it … Continue reading "Issue #193 – Grief Stricken"
    1h 26m - Nov 5, 2019
  • Issue #192 – Swingin’ In
    We continue on with the weekly grind as we cover this week’s newest episodes.  Join us this week as we continue our official “Countdown to Crisis on Infinite Earths” as we rate and review second episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow. All that plus more news from the world of DC. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dcprimetime … Continue reading "Issue #192 – Swingin’ In"
    1h 35m - Oct 28, 2019
  • Issue #191 – Earth 2, Too-Da-Loo
    We continue on and are back to full strength with all 4 shows having now premiered their new seasons! Join us this week as we continue our official “Countdown to Crisis on Infinite Earths” as we rate and review second episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl and The Flash as well as the final season premiere of … Continue reading "Issue #191 – Earth 2, Too-Da-Loo"
    1h 17m - Oct 21, 2019
  • Issue #190 – King of the Impossible
    It’s the season premiere of the DC Prime Time podcast and we are off to the races back to our weekly format! Not only that but we begin our official “Countdown to Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicking it off with 2 season premieres and a series debut! This week, we rate and review the pilot … Continue reading "Issue #190 – King of the Impossible"
    1h 38m - Oct 14, 2019
  • Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans Review
    It’s the finale of our summer season episodes as well as our prelude to “Countdown to Crisis”.  And what better to wrap the summer than with our official review of “Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans”, the latest animated film from DC/WB Animation.  Together we give the movie our ratings and break down a few … Continue reading "Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans Review"
    1h 1m - Sep 30, 2019
  • Titans Season 2 Premiere Review
    The new seasons are just around the corner which means we’ll soon be back to business as usual… but this week we take a look at the season 2 premiere of DC Universe’s hit show Titans.  We rate the show, talk about what we loved from the episode and what we expect from the rest … Continue reading "Titans Season 2 Premiere Review"
    52m - Sep 16, 2019
  • “Still Afraid…” Special Preview!
    We break from our traditional feedback this week to bring you something new and different.  In this episode we bring you our regular dose of DC news and our weekly recommendations, but then we switch gears and give you our loyal Primers an advanced preview of our newest Limited Run podcast “Still Afraid of the … Continue reading "“Still Afraid…” Special Preview!"
    1h 27m - Sep 2, 2019
  • Doom Patrol Annual #1
    We continue on with our Summer series of episodes this time giving Doom Patrol season 1 our Annual treatment. Listen as we rave and gush over the wonderfulness that was season one of DC Universe’s original series Doom Patrol. We rate the season as a whole, give our review of the series, then go thru … Continue reading "Doom Patrol Annual #1"
    59m - Aug 19, 2019
  • Batman: Hush Review
    We continue on with our summer issues this time with our review of the most recent piece of the WB Animated DC movie collection, Batman: Hush.  Together we give the movie our rating, talk our favorite parts and discuss future animated movies on the slate.  All that plus the usual latest batch of DC news … Continue reading "Batman: Hush Review"
    55m - Aug 5, 2019
  • SDCC Breakdown 2019
    This week it’s all about San Diego Comic Con and all the awesome news that came out of it.  Ben and Rob talk about some of their favorite things that came out of this years event then dive deep into all the announcements that were revealed pertaining to the CWVerse, DC Universe and of course … Continue reading "SDCC Breakdown 2019"
    1h 43m - Jul 22, 2019
  • Legends of Tomorrow Annual #4
    We’re back on track this week as we resume and wrap up our summer annuals this time with our recap of Legends of Tomorrow season 4!  As per usual we rate the season and big bad as a whole, then dive into breaking down the season before revealing our favorite and least favorite characters, moments … Continue reading "Legends of Tomorrow Annual #4"
    1h 30m - Jul 15, 2019
  • Legends of Tomorrow Fan Panel
    It’s the start of our Summer episodes and we kick it off with two reviews!  First off, we review the pilot episode of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, then we dive into the newest animated feature Batman vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We then talk about the most recent Batman casting, give some recommendations for … Continue reading "Legends of Tomorrow Fan Panel"
    42m - Jul 8, 2019
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