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Do you love movies but you might be afraid of wasting your time and hard-earned cash on a movie that might be a stinker? If so look no further because the Movie Toasters are here. Every Thursday we get together and review a bunch of movies. We watch brand new movies, classic movies that might have slipped through the cracks, and movies that you haven't seen since you were a kid. We cover it all so you don't have to. All you have to do is subscribe to the show and listen to our reviews weekly to find your new favorite flick.

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Actually he's my cousin not my uncle
Show Details52min 26s
Show Details1hr 1min
Too Many Wills
Show Details1hr 1min
Crack Open the Slice Scale
Show Details56min 47s
Sweet Sweet Kenny Loggins
Show Details1hr 8min
50th Episode Extravaganza
Show Details1hr 1min
Vaughning the whole month away
Show Details49min 57s
DJ David Arquette Dad
Show Details1hr
You're just mashin' it now
Show Details41min 22s
No Human Centipede with the fam
Show Details47min 21s
They're Jamming The Radar
Show Details46min 10s
I May Have Fallen Asleep
Show Details40min 3s
I Don't Do Weed
Show Details28min 16s
Many Slices of Toast
Show Details54min 31s
Martin Short?
Show Details32min
Tommy wanted to watch Percy Jackson
Show Details1hr 48min
It was all Jeff Bridges
Show Details29min 52s
Artemis Fowl and Da 5 Bloods
Show Details52min 19s
Montezuma's Revenge aka Dysentery
Show Details37min 3s
A little Tom foolery
Show Details28min 33s
I like that he wears sweatpants and collared shirts
Show Details38min 28s
A Gratuitous Amount of Jack in the Box
Show Details19min 44s
I don't need my eyes to listen to Dennis
Show Details1hr 27min
Kid's only reference to The Flintstones is breakfast cereal and vitamins
Show Details39min 25s
The Tasmanian Devil's Loose in the Theater
Show Details38min 20s
The Wrong Sleepless Interview
Show Details26min 57s
You Said It First But I Said It Louder
Show Details50min 41s
One Direction 2.0
Show Details31min 27s
Coffee & Creamer
Show Details18min 45s
Give me a pack of sours, keep the change
Show Details1hr 41min
The Beard Sucked Me In
Show Details28min 57s
Kissing at the Drive-in
Show Details23min 26s
What about the ice-cream scene?
Show Details19min 45s
AMC is a Buncha Crunch Company
Show Details29min 8s
Tommy Time
Show Details30min 25s
Sorry about the lasagna in your bed
Show Details1hr 48min
Never Go Full Rihanna
Show Details27min 15s
An extra slice of toast
Show Details15min 31s
I got a question about the light system
Show Details16min 58s
Butter that toast baby
Show Details24min 4s
Talking with John Henry
Show Details26min 43s
I'm all about that Shrek life
Show Details33min 13s
Basketball Ben Affleck
Show Details33min 56s
His Name Was On Tintin
Show Details16min 24s
Tommy watched some of Mulan
Show Details31min 19s
Your Mom is named Martha too
Show Details28min 31s
Red Light Green Light Fight
Show Details35min 48s
The Wizzbanger 5000
Show Details26min 58s
Sonic and the fantabulous emancipation of Blackbeard's Ghost
Show Details33min 25s
Pepés Boys V The Vegas Shuffle
Show Details31min 23s
Toast to the Oscars
Show Details33min 48s
Who reads books?
Show Details31min 32s
Scott Dickerson
Show Details39min 3s
What's Buncha Crunch?
Show Details34min 55s
Return of the Toasters
Show Details47min 56s