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Date Night

Take an Indian-Canadian couple. Make them live together, work together and move to Los Angeles together. Now give them a podcast. Meet Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal. They've been making sketch comedy videos on YouTube for the past 4 years but now they need a place to talk, argue... and sometimes cry. They also give great relationship and life advice, but follow at your own risk. JUST LISTEN TO THE DAMN PODCAST, OKAY? WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO WRITE THIS DESCRIPTION FOR 2 HOURS. -_-


We Got Covid & Cockroaches
Show Details35min 24s
Leaving All The Negativity In 2020
Show Details32min 34s
My Dad Hates My Boyfriend (What Do I Do?)
Show Details36min 36s
My Girlfriends Crazy Ex- Boyfriend
Show Details25min 12s
It's Time To Propose To My Girlfriend...
Show Details32min 44s
What To Buy Your GF/BF For The Holidays
Show Details36min 23s
Boyfriend Wants A PS5, Girlfriend Wants A Dior Purse (Relationships & Money)
Show Details44min 30s
don't check your partners phone | EPISODE #34
Show Details35min 42s
how we're staying fit and healthy...kinda | EPISODE #33
Show Details42min 5s
sugar daddy's | EPISODE #32
Show Details54min 53s
conspiracy theories we ALL talk about | EPISODE #31 | EPISODE #31
Show Details1hr 3min
is the earth FLAT? | EPISODE #30
Show Details40min 52s
can we cancel GENDER REVEALS? | EPISODE #29
Show Details58min 14s
dating during COVID-19 | EPISODE #28
Show Details52min 21s
growing up in the 90's | EPISODE #27
Show Details50min 15s
arranged marriages & "Indian Matchmaking" | EPISODE #26
Show Details41min 41s
stop taking everything so seriously | EPISODE #25
Show Details46min 24s
our cell phones are listening to us | EPISODE #24
Show Details47min 32s
relationships are hard... | EPISODE #23
Show Details1hr 16min
can you forgive cheating? | EPISODE #22
Show Details1hr 15min
cancel culture runs the world | EPISODE #21
Show Details46min 57s
post on my facebook wall plz | EPISODE #20
Show Details49min 2s
what is being "woke"? | EPISODE #19
Show Details49min 57s
black lives matter | EPISODE #18
Show Details1hr 43min
we did this whole podcast drunk | EPISODE #17
Show Details37min 45s
why getting married is not our priority | EPISODE #16
Show Details41min 56s
being brown in america | EPISODE #15
Show Details50min 3s
friends with benefits & dropping out of school | EPISODE #14
Show Details34min 25s
dealing with relationship problems & believing in yourself | EPISODE #13
Show Details44min 44s
we think we're losing our minds | EPISODE #12
Show Details36min 17s
she wanted to break up with me | EPISODE #11
Show Details33min 58s
do what makes you happy | EPISODE #10
Show Details40min 17s
tips for working or studying at home during quarantine | EPISODE #9
Show Details35min 25s
living WITHOUT social media: a movement | EPISODE #8
Show Details38min 14s
living with your significant other... especially during QUARANTINE | EPISODE #7
Show Details37min 34s
mental health & relationships | EPISODE #6
Show Details41min 35s
telling our indian parents about our relationship | EPISODE #5
Show Details43min 2s
how to be successful on youtube | EPISODE #4
Show Details36min 34s
being an adult 101 | EPISODE #3
Show Details49min 29s
dear cheaters, you suck | EPISODE #2
Show Details43min 26s
how perfectionism can ruin your life | EPISODE #1
Show Details36min 31s