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Dark Nexus

Four strangers. Drawn together. Robbed of their memories. Trapped in a waking nightmare. Their lives have ended, but their story is just beginning.

Dark Nexus is a Pathfinder actual play podcast and an immersive audio experience. A party of long-time friends will attempt to survive the unspeakable horrors of Paizo's Strange Aeons adventure path. Join us each week for a new chapter in an epic Weird Horror mystery. darknexuspodcast.com


Act I, Chapter 8: Ramifications
Show Details57min 46s
Act I, Chapter 7: Reemergence
Show Details1hr 11min
Act I, Chapter 6: Rest
Show Details1hr 9min
Act I, Chapter 5: Risk
Show Details1hr 1min
Act I, Chapter 4: Recriminations
Show Details1hr
Act I, Chapter 3: Rise
Show Details1hr 9min
Act I, Chapter 2: Reclamation
Show Details1hr 2min
Act I, Prologue & Chapter 1: Rebirth
Show Details1hr 23min
An Introduction
Show Details5min 55s
Dark Nexus Trailer
Show Details1min 52s