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Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy was a horror/ suspense thriller old time radio program that consisted of thirty-one (31) short episodes that aired from November 21, 1941 until June 19, 1942 broadcasting from Station WKY in Oklahoma City. Though the anthology barely made a year of air time, it managed to capture a huge audience due to the creepy and disturbing nature of its narratives. Each story in the series dealt with the secrets of the unknown, ranging anywhere from bone-chilling tales from the crypt, science fiction and murder mysteries.


Dark Fantasy 42-06-12 (30) The Sleeping Death
Show Details15min 50s
Dark Fantasy 42-06-05 (29) I Am Your Brother
Show Details29min 32s
Dark Fantasy 42-05-29 (28) Rendezvous With Satan
Show Details29min 14s
Dark Fantasy 42-05-22 (27) Dead Hands Reaching
Show Details24min 53s
Dark Fantasy 42-05-15 (26) Funeral Arrangements Completed
Show Details23min 45s
Dark Fantasy 42-05-08 (25) The Cup Of Gold
Show Details24min 34s
Dark Fantasy 42-05-01 (24) The Letter From Yesterday
Show Details24min 31s
Dark Fantasy 42-04-10 (21) The Edge Of The Shadow
Show Details24min 30s
Dark Fantasy 42-03-20 (18) Pennsylvania Turnpike
Show Details24min 30s
Dark Fantasy 42-04-03 (20) The Thing From The Darkness
Show Details24min 31s
Dark Fantasy 42-03-27 (19) Convoy For Atlantis
Show Details21min 13s
Dark Fantasy 42-03-13 (17) Superstition Be Hanged
Show Details24min 30s
Dark Fantasy 42-03-06 (16) The Man With The Scarlet Satchel
Show Details24min 38s
Dark Fantasy 42-02-27 (15) Spawn Of The Sub Human
Show Details24min 30s
Dark Fantasy 42-02-20 (14) A Delicate Case Of Murder
Show Details27min 14s
Dark Fantasy 42-02-13 (13) W Is For Werewolf
Show Details24min 55s
Dark Fantasy 42-02-06 (12) The Sea Phantom
Show Details25min 20s
Dark Fantasy 42-01-30 (11) Death Is A Savage Deity
Show Details23min 35s
Dark Fantasy 42-01-23 (10) The Headless Dead
Show Details24min 42s
Dark Fantasy 42-01-16 (09) Debt From The Past
Show Details24min 48s
Dark Fantasy 42-01-02 (08) The Curse Of The Neanderthal
Show Details24min 36s
Dark Fantasy 42-01-02 (07) Resolution 1841
Show Details26min 35s
Dark Fantasy 41-12-26 (06) The House Of Bread
Show Details24min 36s
Dark Fantasy 41-12-19 (05) Men Call Me Mad
Show Details24min 35s
Dark Fantasy 41-12-05 (04) The Demon Tree
Show Details23min 15s
Dark Fantasy 41-11-28 (03) The Thing From The Sea
Show Details24min 5s
Dark Fantasy 41-11-14 (01) The Man Who Came Back
Show Details23min 45s