Daily Success

Success is a journey, not a destination. And every lionheart needs a mentor — a guide on the side — to provide ideas, insights, tools and strategies to help them maximize their potential and to thrive in the modern world.

Daily Success is designed to be your constant companion in this epic journey. Each day, author and success mentor Parth Sawhney brings you a new lesson rooted in personal development, timeless wisdom, and holistic well-being. This show also features helpful meditations and audio clips by the absolute best thought leaders and motivational speakers in the world.

The goal of this short-form podcast is to nudge you to become a little better every day and gain the success advantage you seek. To help you live your personal legend and become the hero that you were meant to be — at work, at home and in your community.


260 | The Three Sources of Knowledge
Show Details5min 12s
259 | Be Different to Make a Difference
Show Details5min 22s
258 | Live as if You’re Already Dead
Show Details3min 36s
257 | Speed Bump vs. Barricade
Show Details2min 39s
256 | Who Is the Captain of Your Ship?
Show Details2min 12s
BONUS: How to Improve Your Mental Well-being | World Mental Health Day
Show Details13min 5s
255 | The Key Difference Between Rich People and Poor People
Show Details4min 4s
254 | Never Stop Your Efforts to Get Better
Show Details5min 24s
253 | What You Do Trumps What You Say
Show Details3min 49s
252 | Balance Helps You Experience Fulfillment
Show Details3min 16s
251 | Developing a Victory Mindset
Show Details3min 4s
250 | Success Equals Alignment
Show Details3min 13s
249 | One Important Skill You Must Develop
Show Details5min 42s
248 | Life Is Change, Change Is Life
Show Details3min 19s
247 | The Three Principles of Digital Discipline
Show Details3min 10s
246 | You Must Leave No Stone Unturned
Show Details15min 18s
245 | Become an Essentialist
Show Details3min 2s
244 | Be Kind Under All Circumstances
Show Details4min 58s
243 | Curious + Conscious
Show Details4min 17s
242 | Victimhood Leads to Powerlessness
Show Details2min 10s
241 | Things Are Unfolding in Your Best Interests
Show Details4min 11s
240 | The Six Essentials to Having a Good Life
Show Details7min 21s
239 | It’s Okay to Ask For Help
Show Details5min 4s
238 | Horizontal vs. Vertical Travel
Show Details6min 2s
237 | Who was Marcus Aurelius?
Show Details4min 37s
236 | Win Your Days, Win Your Life
Show Details2min 39s
235 | Develop a Grateful Mind
Show Details3min 56s
234 | Money Improves Quality of Life
Show Details6min 41s
233 | You Can’t Do Everything Alone
Show Details9min 39s
232 | Restrict Your Social Media Usage
Show Details3min 22s
231 | Reading vs. Applying
Show Details2min 44s
230 | Truly Successful People Are Honest
Show Details4min 10s
229 | Don't Quit on Yourself
Show Details7min 4s
228 | The Role of Perception in Overcoming Addiction
Show Details3min 23s
227 | Success Comes in Unlimited Supply
Show Details3min 14s
226 | How to Overcome Constant Friction and Difficulty
Show Details3min 52s
225 | Money Brings Comfort, Not Happiness
Show Details12min 3s
224 | Short-Term vs. Long-Term
Show Details4min 8s
223 | The Optimist Creed
Show Details2min 57s
222 | The Fundamental Cause of Unhappiness
Show Details5min 3s
221 | Take the Easy Path
Show Details1min 25s
220 | How to Create Perennial Prosperity
Show Details3min 40s
219 | Letting Go of the Externals
Show Details4min 58s
218 | The Great Paradox of Life and Success
Show Details5min 5s
217 | Break Up Difficult Tasks Into Tiny Chunks
Show Details3min 45s
216 | You Must Develop an Unshakeable Belief in Yourself
Show Details3min
215 | Bringing More Money in Your Life
Show Details5min 31s
214 | Be Willing to Let Go of Convenience
Show Details4min 49s
213 | How to Increase Your Worth
Show Details4min 15s
212 | The Eight-Hour Rule
Show Details3min 52s
211 | Success Demands Trading Problems
Show Details3min 9s
210 | Let Go of "Needing Money"
Show Details4min 47s
209 | Be a Good Human Under All Circumstances
Show Details5min 53s
208 | What Is a Mantra and How It Works
Show Details4min 36s
207 | The Secret to Being Happy in Your Relationship
Show Details4min 24s
206 | Be Careful About the Words You Use With People | The Three Gatekeepers
Show Details11min 1s
205 | Believe You Can Be Prosperous
Show Details4min 7s
204 | Focus on Doing Your Best
Show Details5min 13s
203 | How to Achieve Lasting Happiness
Show Details4min 33s
202 | Happiness Is in the Journey
Show Details4min 1s
201 | Have a Granular Vision of Your Ideal Future
Show Details5min 11s
200 | Focus on Your Actions, Not the Outcomes
Show Details10min 19s
199 | Let Go of the Bad Apples
Show Details5min 7s
198 | Get Active In Your Own Rescue
Show Details3min 56s
197 | Focusing On the Five Values
Show Details2min 30s
196 | You Must Work At Your Dreams Every Day
Show Details4min 2s
195 | Why It’s Hard for an Employee to Become Rich
Show Details4min 50s
194 | Days of the Week
Show Details3min 37s
193 | Listen to Your Heart
Show Details4min 17s
192 | When Things Get Messy, Simplify
Show Details4min 1s
191 | You Have to Fall in Love With Your Work
Show Details4min 40s
190 | Why a Scarcity Mindset Is Bad for You
Show Details4min 27s
189 | Why Tension Is Your Friend
Show Details6min 12s
188 | Finding Meaning Amidst Suffering
Show Details11min 2s
187 | Say No to News
Show Details2min 30s
BONUS: How to Experience True Freedom
Show Details4min 9s
186 | You Must Keep Your Word to Yourself
Show Details4min 19s
185 | Neither Money nor Lack Will Make You Happy
Show Details4min 16s
184 | Acting Rationally
Show Details3min 15s
183 | Let Go of Blame
Show Details5min 18s
182 | Give Yourself a Valuable "Time Out"
Show Details3min 31s
181 | Why the Millennials Are Not Succeeding
Show Details17min 54s
180 | Spending Money on This Can Boost Your Happiness
Show Details4min 51s
179 | The True Cause of Irritation
Show Details3min 49s
178 | Seeking Wisdom in Our Downtime
Show Details4min 13s
177 | Minimalism Is Not Deprivation
Show Details2min 23s
176 | Guided Meditation for Stillness and Peace | International Yoga Day
Show Details14min 43s
175 | How to Skyrocket Your Income
Show Details15min 22s
174 | Don’t Be Busy
Show Details4min 35s
173 | It Just Doesn't Matter
Show Details4min 55s
172 | Letting Go of Digital Affirmation
Show Details2min 35s
171 | Allow Yourself to Dream
Show Details2min 37s
170 | Why It’s Good to Reserve Some Money for Fun
Show Details3min 47s
169 | The Real Progress
Show Details5min 31s
168 | How Stoicism Can Help You Achieve Lasting Success
Show Details10min 50s
167 | Replace Your Addiction With Meaningful Activities
Show Details3min 41s
166 | If You’re Feeling a Lack of Motivation, Do This
Show Details4min 6s
165 | Why Developing Financial Literacy Is a Worthy Pursuit
Show Details4min 19s
164 | Express Negative Reactions Privately
Show Details4min 40s
163 | You Must Treat Everything the Same
Show Details4min 31s
162 | To Lead Is to Express Your Truth
Show Details2min 54s
161 | Your Thinking Is the Navigation System of Your Destiny
Show Details13min 14s
160 | Making Money vs Building Wealth
Show Details3min 43s
159 | Right Person, Wrong Plan
Show Details3min 58s
158 | Confront Your Reality
Show Details4min 30s
157 | The Secret to Incredible Productivity
Show Details4min 13s
156 | You Must Commit to Growing Every Day
Show Details3min 39s
155 | How to Make Your Financial Goals a Reality
Show Details8min 28s
154 | How to Become a Superhero
Show Details4min 32s
153 | Maktub
Show Details4min 24s
152 | Nothing Lasts Forever
Show Details3min 19s
151 | The Importance of Forging Your Character
Show Details2min 55s
150 | Get In the Fastlane
Show Details4min 49s
149 | Death Is a Double-Edged Sword
Show Details3min 28s
148 | You Are the Experiencer, Not the Experiences
Show Details10min 35s
147 | How To Turn Your House Into a Staycation Haven
Show Details6min 17s
146 | You Must Allow Yourself to Change and Evolve
Show Details3min 56s
145 | Building Your Inner Wealth
Show Details5min 15s
144 | The Two Kinds of Surrender
Show Details3min
143 | Sincere Kindness Is Invincible
Show Details4min 56s
142 | Don't Succumb to Fear
Show Details6min 7s
141 | How To Develop Virtue and Character Consistently
Show Details5min 52s
140 | How to Practice Financial Optimism
Show Details8min 55s
139 | This Is the Time To Be Heroic
Show Details2min 47s
138 | The Formula for Humanity
Show Details4min 43s
137 | Prosperity and Difficulty
Show Details3min 1s
136 | Taking One Day at a Time
Show Details2min 55s
135 | One Key Concept to Win With Money
Show Details3min 53s
134 | You Are a Citizen of the World: An Earth Day Meditation
Show Details8min 10s
133 | When Obstacles Come Your Way
Show Details5min 10s
132 | Leadership Is a Thankless Job
Show Details3min 39s
131 | The Quickest Way To Feel Unstuck
Show Details2min 44s
130 | You Got To Get Addicted To Something Good
Show Details4min 48s
129 | You Must Learn About Healthy Eating
Show Details3min 53s
128 | Premeditatio Malorum
Show Details6min 13s
127 | Balance Intense Work With Deep Rest
Show Details4min 14s
126 | It’s Time for the Hard Winter Training
Show Details2min 44s
125 | Money Gives Us Options
Show Details4min 51s
124 | It’s Okay to Ask for Help
Show Details2min 59s
123 | Just Let Go Of Your Past
Show Details8min 40s
122 | Recalibrate Your Ecosystem
Show Details3min 52s
121 | Cultivating Shock Absorbance
Show Details2min 22s
120 | Money Is a Magnifying Glass
Show Details2min 22s
119 | Difficult Relationships Test Us
Show Details4min 12s
118 | You Must Adjust Your Sails
Show Details3min 58s
117 | Practicing Digital Minimalism in a Pandemic
Show Details5min 37s
116 | Change Your Perception of Failure
Show Details3min 56s
115 | Start Appreciating Money
Show Details3min 18s
114 | The Three Pillars of a Relationship
Show Details4min 41s
113 | Acknowledge the Change and Prepare for It
Show Details6min 54s
112 | Understanding Productivity
Show Details4min 51s
111 | The Beginning of Anything Starts With a Dream
Show Details7min 17s
110 | The Recipe to Building Incredible Wealth
Show Details3min 11s
109 | Embrace the Magic of the Unknown
Show Details2min 59s
108 | Being Grateful for Whatever Comes Your Way
Show Details4min 38s
107 | Engage in the Three Rs
Show Details5min 27s
106 | Start Your Day With Positive Affirmations
Show Details2min 42s
105 | Change Your Money Script
Show Details2min 34s
104 | Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Fear
Show Details3min 55s
103 | The Best Retreat Is Within You
Show Details4min 7s
102 | Count Your Blessings
Show Details4min 15s
101 | It’s Time to Sharpen Your Axe
Show Details6min
100 | You Must Learn to Work Harder on Yourself Than You Do on Your Job
Show Details11min 55s
099 | Let Go of Your Troubles
Show Details3min 48s
098 | Tomorrow Is a Bonus
Show Details4min 41s
097 | Create a New Routine for Yourself
Show Details4min 1s
096 | Stop Thinking That You’re Helpless
Show Details4min 50s
095 | See Yourself as Deserving of Money
Show Details3min 39s
094 | Why You Must Develop High Emotional Intelligence
Show Details3min 55s
093 | Just Focus on the Present
Show Details4min 42s
092 | Create More, Consume Less
Show Details5min 3s
091 | The Color of Your Skin Does Not Matter
Show Details12min 30s
090 | Declarations to Develop a Millionaire Mind
Show Details11min 1s
089 | Step by Step
Show Details2min 35s
088 | You Can Choose How the Story Ends
Show Details5min 17s
087 | My Key Takeaways from ‘The 5 AM Club’
Show Details12min 7s
086 | Do the Best With What You’ve Got
Show Details5min 10s
BONUS: The World Needs More Love
Show Details4min 35s
085 | Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money
Show Details3min 15s
084 | Focus on Less, Not Lack
Show Details3min 52s
083 | Change Your Vision and Your Vision Will Change You
Show Details7min 29s
082 | Alive Time vs. Dead Time
Show Details5min 43s
081 | Choose What Is Over What If
Show Details4min 38s
080 | Making a Living vs. Making a Fortune
Show Details11min 21s
079 | Guard Your Arc Reactor Against Negativity
Show Details5min 6s
078 | How You Choose to Look at Things Matters
Show Details3min 54s
077 | How Are You Going to Use Your Time?
Show Details5min 37s
076 | Using Your Past Failures to Succeed
Show Details2min 55s
075 | Mastering the Money Game
Show Details3min 44s
074 | Balancing Between Fear and Awareness
Show Details4min 22s
073 | The Perils of Comfort Escalation
Show Details4min 17s
072 | Why Meditation Is a Lifesaver
Show Details2min 49s
071 | Take Action Even If You’re Scared and Clueless
Show Details9min 22s
070 | Giving Is a Wealth-Building Habit
Show Details3min 37s
069 | Don’t Blend in With the Crowd
Show Details2min 47s
068 | Becoming Antifragile
Show Details4min 36s
067 | It’s Time for Peace, Healing and Connection
Show Details2min 47s
066 | Create Your Life’s Blueprint
Show Details4min 39s
065 | The Least Popular Money Advice
Show Details4min 10s
064 | Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Become Habits
Show Details3min 42s
063 | Seeing Low Phases as Opportunities for Growth
Show Details3min 54s
062 | Why You Must Cultivate a Practice of Mindfulness
Show Details2min 19s
061 | You Can Still Figure Something Out
Show Details2min 55s
060 | How to Secure Financial Freedom
Show Details9min 50s
059 | The 7 Cs of Success
Show Details4min 16s
058 | Resolutions vs Small Daily Improvements
Show Details4min 3s
057 | New Year Meditation: 15 Min Guided Meditation to Detach from the Past and Set Intentions for 2021
Show Details15min 21s
056 | Let the Pull of the Future Guide Your Life
Show Details5min 19s
055 | It’s Time to Begin Anew
Show Details3min 3s
054 | Honor the Journey and Let It Go
Show Details2min 15s
053 | Release Your Limiting Beliefs
Show Details3min 20s
052 | It’s All Good, Even When It Isn’t
Show Details5min 15s
051 | Why You Absolutely Must Have Goals
Show Details8min
050 | The Golden Box: A Heartwarming Christmas Story
Show Details4min 23s
049 | Leap Before It's Too Late
Show Details4min 24s
048 | What You Do Now Will Determine Your Future
Show Details3min 18s
047 | 10 Best Personal Development Gifts to Give to Loved Ones
Show Details9min 27s
046 | Frustration and Confusion Precedes Growth
Show Details2min 51s
045 | Money Isn’t Everything, but Money Is Essential
Show Details3min 46s
044 | What Can You Make of This?
Show Details3min 41s
043 | Free Yourself From Anxiety
Show Details4min 16s
042 | Navigating the Winds of Change
Show Details3min 2s
041 | Go for What You Really Want
Show Details2min 48s
040 | Some Useful Tips to Help You Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt
Show Details4min 39s
039 | Get Rid of the "Fairy Dust" Thinking
Show Details5min 5s
038 | Goal Setting 101 [2/2]
Show Details4min 11s
037 | Goal Setting 101 [1/2]
Show Details3min 13s
036 | Why Goal Setting Is Important
Show Details2min 57s
035 | Debt by a Thousand Cuts
Show Details3min 15s
034 | Letting Go of Empty Friendships
Show Details6min 19s
033 | Imperfect Something Is Better Than Perfect Nothing
Show Details3min 2s
032 | Alternatives to Traditional Gift-Giving
Show Details3min 17s
031 | Believe in the Magic of Life
Show Details5min 24s
030 | You Must Avoid the Consumerism Trap
Show Details2min 20s
029 | Gratitude in the Time of Corona
Show Details7min 8s
028 | How to Effectively Help Other People
Show Details2min 50s
027 | The Evil Ploys of Retailers
Show Details9min 55s
026 | Gratitude Erases Negativity
Show Details7min 30s
025 | A Quick Introduction to Black Friday
Show Details5min 14s
024 | My New Morning Routine
Show Details16min 46s
023 | Where Are You Going?
Show Details1min 45s
022 | The Six Myths of Vulnerability
Show Details4min 11s
021 | Success is a Numbers Game
Show Details4min 46s
020 | Fighting Your Inner Demons
Show Details2min 39s
019 | The Key to Unlocking Success and Abundance
Show Details5min 33s
018 | Calm Is Contagious
Show Details3min 15s
017 | How to Protect Your Mental Health in This Crisis
Show Details4min 24s
016 | Why You Must Nourish Your Roots
Show Details2min 36s
015 | The Minimalist Abundance
Show Details2min 28s
014 | You Must Let Go of Blind Panic
Show Details2min 53s
013 | All Problems Are Figureoutable
Show Details2min 21s
012 | Practicing Inverse Gratitude During Adverse Times
Show Details3min 53s
011 | Good or Bad, Who Knows
Show Details4min 44s
010 | Work Through Your Fears
Show Details4min 18s
009 | How You React Matters More Than What Happens To You
Show Details5min 33s
008 | What is Ikigai?
Show Details3min 23s
007 | An Apple A Day
Show Details5min 16s
006 | The "Good" Mindset
Show Details3min 22s
005 | With Freedom Comes Responsibility
Show Details4min 34s
004 | Position Yourself for the Future
Show Details2min 43s
003 | Become Kind and Loving
Show Details2min 20s
002 | Focus on Growth, Not Results
Show Details1min 49s
001 | Success is a Few Simple Disciplines Practiced Every Day
Show Details13min 6s
000 | Welcome to Daily Success
Show Details6min 32s