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Dads Eating Snacks

Coming out of a lock down, all in different stages of early fatherhood, three friends (Jamo, Jessie and Ryan) all felt a strong need to create more space to support, encourage, laugh at, learn from and simply be there for each other. So, Dads Eating Snacks was born, with the hope that their conversations about life, family, parenting, fatherhood, culture, nerdy things and more could connect, encourage, inform and especially entertain anyone who decided to listen, fathers or not. 

Per the name, each episode the guys will each be eating and sharing a different snack food, either a favorite of theirs that they want recommend or one they’ve never tried that they would like to review for you. They see this as a fun way to engage and connect with each other and you, plus they just love snack foods.

Now, these guys aren’t experts on pretty much anything they’ll be talking about, no matter what they say! However, they anticipate there to be some lessons and certainly some laughs in both their experience and their mistakes. So, sit back, relax, gabe your favorite tasty treat, or check the show notes, to see what the guys are eating so you can snack along with them, and enjoy Dads Eating Snacks!