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An Adventure Through Odyssey: Adventures in Odyssey revisited

"Fifteen years of listening to Adventures in Odyssey all set loose on this hilarious review of the highs and lows of each episode."


28 Hours Part 3 and 4 Discussion
Show Details22min 46s
Episodes 13-18: Are We Causing The Downfall of the Odyssey Fandom
Show Details32min 42s
28 Hours Part 2 Afternoon Discussion
Show Details27min 55s
28 Hours Part 1: Morning Discussion
Show Details27min 20s
Episodes 7-12: Throwing the Shade Again
Show Details33min 17s
Episodes 1-6: Odysseys Been Stealing From Great Writers Much Longer Then I Give Them Credit For
Hide Details40min 39s

Guess who's back



Episodes discussed in this episode:

Whits Flop (Album 1)

Life of the Party (Album 1)

Lights out at Whits End (Harley Collection)

Connie Comes to Town (Album 1)

Gifts for Madge and Guy (Album 1)

The Day After Christmas (Album 1)

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40min 39s
Published Jul 6, 2022 at 6:42am
Show Details3min 1s