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An Adventure Through Odyssey: Adventures in Odyssey revisited

"Fifteen years of listening to Adventures in Odyssey all set loose on this hilarious review of the highs and lows of each episode."


Episodes 86-91: Issac: The Beginning
Show Details21min 28s
November News Round Up
Show Details25min 21s
Episodes 80-85: The Peak of Odyssey Comedy
Hide Details32min 35s


Prisoner for Christ

Good Business

Heat Wave

The Battle

You Go to School Where? (episode 57 of the official podcast)

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32min 35s
Published Oct 28, 2022 at 3:42am
74-79: Blackgaard may be the most under used villain of all time
Show Details28min 27s
68-73: A Bite of Serialization
Show Details29min 52s
October News Round Up
Show Details20min 3s
Episodes 62-67: The Birth of the Imagination Station
Show Details30min 31s
Episodes 56-61: Noah's Nudity (reupload with fixed audio)
Show Details44min 49s
Episodes 49-55: Things get Heavy
Show Details27min 55s
Episodes 43-48: Politics is Depressing
Show Details24min 20s
September News Roundup
Show Details23min 10s
Episodes 37-42: Generic Kids Camp Plot #33
Show Details18min 56s
28 Hours Mega Episode
Show Details2hr 6min
Episodes 31-36: VBS is basically a herding of cattle at our church
Show Details29min 18s
28 Hours Part 6 Discussion
Show Details23min 14s
28 Hours Part 5 Discussion
Show Details21min 21s
Episodes 25-30: Freddy Loved Butterflies Before It Was Cool
Show Details23min 48s
Episodes 19-24:
Show Details23min 33s
28 Hours Part 3 and 4 Discussion
Show Details22min 46s
Episodes 13-18: Are We Causing The Downfall of the Odyssey Fandom
Show Details32min 42s
28 Hours Part 2 Afternoon Discussion
Show Details27min 55s
28 Hours Part 1: Morning Discussion
Show Details27min 20s
Episodes 7-12: Throwing the Shade Again
Show Details33min 17s
Episodes 1-6: Odysseys Been Stealing From Great Writers Much Longer Then I Give Them Credit For
Show Details40min 39s
Show Details3min 1s