18. Future-proofing with automation: HS Inc.’s journey

46m | Jul 1, 2024

HS Inc. is a success story of a family-owned manufacturing company surviving and thriving by future-proofing itself. Today its Director of Business Development, Paul St. Louis, joins the show to tell us about their fifty-year evolution from mold maker to automation integrator. 

Founded in 1969 close to Detroit Michigan, HS Inc. got its start creating parts for the automotive industry. As the industry changed, HS Inc. changed too. They use their know-how to pivot towards making modular systems that could be easily adapted by a variety of industries– yes, even machines that make sheet cake. 

Paul walks us through how HS Inc. leveraged automation to future-proof itself and how it now does the same for its clients. 

Plus, stay tuned to the end for our “what we saw in AI this week” section where we discuss the Apple Intelligence announcement.


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