Beholding. A podcast simply endeavouring to seek out what God is like. 

Johan takes you on a journey through the various descriptions the Bible gives us about what is God like. What are his likes and dislikes? What does he think and feel? What kinds of things does he do, and what does he do them? What’s his personality like?

This is not about opinions or experiences. It is simply about exploring every little attribute of God that we can find in scripture.

Who is this man, this Holy One whom we are following?


Song: A Thousand Suns
Show Details2min 44s
He Walks With Fiery Eyes
Show Details11min 22s
He is Offensive to Many
Show Details11min 31s
Song: Dwelling Place
Show Details3min 59s
The Cloud Rider
Show Details9min 7s
The Blood Stained Ruler
Show Details10min 5s
The Revealing of Him
Show Details12min 51s
Song: First and Last (Episode 2)
Show Details5min
The List
Show Details14min 20s
Song: Who Was and Is (Episode 1)
Show Details3min 15s
Trailer: Beholding
Show Details1min 22s