Doctrine and Devotion

Doctrine and Devotion is a weekly podcast exploring Christian faith and practice from an experiential perspective marked by the fun and humor that characterize real friendship.


Banter of Truth: Ministry No Man's Land
Show Details41min 19s
What is Baptism?
Show Details24min 4s
All the "Ologies"
Show Details47min 17s
Banter of Truth: Confessional Integrity
Show Details47min 8s
Baptism and Lord's Supper with Nick Batzig
Show Details26min 26s
Weekday Wisdom: God Knows You
Show Details7min 48s
Weekday Wisdom: Unity
Show Details6min 14s
God Wants You To Laugh
Show Details37min 14s
Weekday Wisdom: Praise and Thanksgiving
Show Details5min 39s
Weekday Wisdom: God's Love and Our Joy
Show Details6min 37s
Banter of Truth: Bigfoot, Ghosts, and Aliens
Show Details32min
Weekday Wisdom: Our Burdens and Our God
Show Details7min 20s
How to Read the Scripture
Show Details24min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: Confessing
Show Details5min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Nice or Gentle?
Show Details6min 25s
Mailbag (Ep. 545)
Show Details40min 33s
Weekday Wisdom: Complaining
Show Details5min 44s
Weekday Wisdom: Patient with Purpose
Show Details6min 2s
Banter of Truth: A Preacher's Heart
Show Details42min 57s
Weekday Wisdom: Worry and Weakness
Show Details6min 38s
How the Word Works
Show Details21min 51s
Weekday Wisdom: The Gift of Wisdom
Show Details5min 32s
Weekday Wisdom: Complacency Kills
Show Details5min 26s
Show Details34min 47s
Weekday Wisdom: Every Word
Show Details4min 50s
Weekday Wisdom: The Folly of Venting
Show Details4min 34s
Banter of Truth: Imitation
Show Details33min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: Concealing vs Confessing
Show Details5min 6s
Sermon Sharing?
Show Details39min 34s
Weekday Wisdom: The Lord's Supper
Show Details5min 25s
Weekday Wisdom: Meditation
Show Details5min 28s
Joe's Tweet
Show Details27min 8s
Weekday Wisdom: Prayer
Show Details6min 49s
Weekday Wisdom: Fasting
Show Details6min 24s
Banter of Truth: Hypo-Calvinism
Show Details35min 46s
Weekday Wisdom: Watchful Warfare
Show Details5min 56s
The Ordinary Means of Grace
Show Details25min 42s
Weekday Wisdom: What Matters Most
Show Details5min 22s
Weekday Wisdom: Sowing and Reaping
Show Details4min 46s
When God Says No
Show Details31min 45s
Weekday Wisdom: Judge Yourself
Show Details5min 43s
Weekday Wisdom: Bear One Another's Burdens
Show Details6min 16s
Banter of Truth: SBC 2021
Show Details46min 11s
Weekday Wisdom: Caught in Sin
Show Details6min 22s
Two Kinds of Repentance
Show Details29min 49s
Weekday Wisdom: Living by the Spirit
Show Details6min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: The Fruit of the Spirit
Show Details6min 37s
Mailbag (Ep. 537)
Show Details44min 49s
Weekday Wisdom: The Works of the Flesh
Show Details5min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Walk by the Spirit
Show Details7min 16s
Banter of Truth: Driscoll
Show Details41min 28s
Weekday Wisdom: Called to be Free
Show Details5min 48s
What is Faith?
Show Details23min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: Unbelief
Show Details5min 32s
Weekday Wisdom: Grace is for Godliness
Show Details4min 51s
Does God Love Everyone?
Show Details40min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: Jesus Sets Sinners Free
Show Details4min 54s
Weekday Wisdom: God as Father, Church as Mother
Show Details9min 47s
Banter of Truth: The Value of Failure
Show Details52min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: Things Secret and Things Revealed
Show Details4min 45s
Escaping Wrath
Show Details33min 53s
Weekday Wisdom: Keep Your Friends
Show Details6min 38s
Weekday Wisdom: Don't Turn Back
Show Details5min 39s
5 Principles of Productivity
Show Details1hr
Weekday Wisdom: Knowing and Being Known
Show Details4min 56s
Weekday Wisdom: Adoption by Abba
Show Details4min 51s
Banter of Truth: Theobeefs
Show Details43min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: The Promise of Peace
Show Details5min 27s
Wrath and Curse
Show Details25min 30s
Weekday Wisdom: From Commands to Christ
Show Details5min 52s
Weekday Wisdom: Law and Gospel Pt. 2
Show Details5min 25s
Hymns and Heretics
Show Details23min 30s
Weekday Wisdom: Law and Gospel
Show Details5min 29s
Weekday Wisdom: Promise vs Performance
Show Details5min 25s
Banter of Truth: Slander
Show Details36min 29s
Weekday Wisdom: The Curse and the Cure
Show Details5min 53s
Degrees of Sin
Show Details25min 31s
Weekday Wisdom: Spirit and Truth
Show Details6min 42s
Weekday Wisdom: Sons of Abraham
Show Details5min 36s
Mailbag (Ep. 529)
Show Details40min 44s
Weekday Wisdom: Continuing by Faith
Show Details6min 39s
Weekday Wisdom: Grace and Law
Show Details4min 39s
Banter of Truth
Show Details39min 31s
Weekday Wisdom: The Basis of Our Fellowship
Show Details7min 50s
The Ten Commandments
Show Details36min 51s
Weekday Wisdom: Justification
Show Details5min 21s
Sermon Stealing
Show Details33min 18s
Weekday Wisdom: Called to Confront
Show Details5min 50s
Weekday Wisdom: Do Good
Show Details4min 8s
Weekday Wisdom: Beware False Teachers
Show Details4min 47s
Banter of Truth: Investigative Journalism
Show Details32min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: Laziness
Show Details5min 46s
God, or Your God?
Show Details23min 54s
Weekday Wisdom: Run
Show Details5min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: Accountability
Show Details5min 24s
Word Partners
Show Details39min 48s
Weekday Wisdom: Heaven Rejoices
Show Details4min 41s
Weekday Wisdom: Sovereignty and Salvation
Show Details5min 39s
Banter of Truth: Facts, Feelings, and Fury
Show Details36min 5s
Weekday Wisdom: The Gospel Revealed and Received
Show Details5min 36s
The Essence of God's Law
Show Details25min 7s
Pleasing People or God
Show Details4min 14s
Weekday Wisdom: Accurssed
Show Details4min 23s
Rural Mission
Show Details37min 55s
Weekday Wisdom: Desertion
Show Details5min 22s
Weekday Wisdom: Delivered
Show Details5min 23s
Banter of Truth: GraceLife Church of Edmonton
Show Details40min 23s
Weekday Wisdom: Calling and Community
Show Details5min 1s
The Moral Law
Show Details25min 7s
Weekday Wisdom: Equipping
Show Details6min 2s
Weekday Wisdom: Transforming
Show Details5min 54s
Show Details32min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: Perishing
Show Details5min 38s
Weekday Wisdom: Flourishing
Show Details3min 53s
Banter of Truth: Deconversion
Show Details43min 16s
Weekday Wisdom: Wisdom Cares for Others
Show Details5min 24s
Show Details22min 23s
Weekday Wisdom: Jesus Prays for You
Show Details3min 50s
Things Pastors Hate
Show Details22min 45s
Weekday Wisdom: Knowing God
Show Details5min 28s
Weekday Wisdom: Eternity with Jesus
Show Details5min 13s
Weekday Wisdom: A United Church
Show Details5min 5s
Banter of Truth: Spiritual Leadership
Show Details39min 42s
Weekday Wisdom: We Are Sent
Show Details4min 15s
Weekday Wisdom: Sanctified in Truth
Show Details4min 39s
Developing Preachers
Show Details45min 7s
Weekday Wisdom: In the World, Not of It
Show Details7min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: The Grip of God
Show Details6min 25s
Weekday Wisdom: Jesus Prayed for You
Show Details5min 14s
Banter of Truth: Discipleship
Show Details48min 47s
Weekday Wisdom: Eternal Life
Show Details6min 46s
The Wicked After Death
Show Details24min 48s
Weekday Wisdom: Fear the Lord and the King
Show Details6min 19s
Weekday Wisdom: Show Pity
Show Details4min 7s
Fighting and Feelings
Show Details32min 36s
Weekday Wisdom: Wisdom Cares for Others
Show Details5min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: The Strength of Wisdom
Show Details6min 2s
Hard Conversations
Show Details41min 10s
The Benefits of the Resurrection
Show Details22min 32s
Weekday Wisdom: Christian Contentment
Show Details5min 25s
Weekday Wisdom: The Repentant Resist the Devil
Show Details5min 6s
Weekday Wisdom: The Testifying Sinner
Show Details5min 14s
Defending Dane
Show Details43min 52s
Weekday Wisdom: Repentant Expectations
Show Details6min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: Real Repentance
Show Details6min
B.O.T. with Jared Wilson
Show Details44min 34s
Weekday Wisdom: A Plea for Mercy
Show Details4min 40s
The Benefits of Death
Show Details26min 28s
Weekday Wisdom: Heavy Hearts and Good Words
Show Details4min 41s
Weekday Wisdom: Stay Hungry
Show Details5min 6s
A Beginner's Guide to Journaling
Show Details28min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: Keep Your Life
Show Details4min 9s
Weekday Wisdom: Keep Your Heart
Show Details4min 48s
Banter of Truth with Daniel Ritchie
Show Details41min 43s
Weekday Wisdom: Keep Wisdom
Show Details5min 15s
Five More Graces
Show Details24min 45s
Weekday Wisdom: Remember Your Weakness
Show Details4min 59s
Pursuing Maturity
Show Details6min 22s
Show Details29min 36s
Weekday Wisdom: Lifting Up
Show Details4min 14s
Weekday Wisdom: Walk in Wisdom
Show Details4min 35s
Banter of Truth: Backsliding
Show Details44min 34s
Weekday Wisdom: Pray without Ceasing
Show Details6min 9s
Show Details25min 28s
Weekday Wisdom: Man's Chief End
Show Details5min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: Working for the Lord
Show Details5min 2s
Ministers and Money
Show Details37min 13s
Weekday Wisdom: Embrace Your Calling
Show Details4min 55s
Weekday Wisdom: All for Christ
Show Details4min 53s
Banter of Truth with Chris Caughey
Show Details38min 6s
Weekday Wisdom: The Word of Christ
Show Details5min 50s
Show Details27min 15s
Weekday Wisdom: Who You Are, How You Are
Show Details6min 3s
Weekday Wisdom: A New Unity
Show Details5min 9s
Dueling Fundamentalisms
Show Details53min 11s
Weekday Wisdom: Kill Your Sin
Show Details4min 34s
Weekday Wisdom: Longing for Glory
Show Details5min 39s
Banter with Batzig
Show Details45min 11s
Weekday Wisdom: Seeking
Show Details5min 29s
The Benefits of Our Calling
Show Details31min 43s
God and Godliness
Show Details6min 24s
Weekday Wisdom: Worldly Spirituality
Show Details4min 33s
Dealing with Discouragement
Show Details34min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Hold Fast
Show Details4min 56s
Weekday Wisdom: A Sufficient Savior
Show Details6min 23s
Religious Freedom with Dr. Kidd
Show Details46min 20s
Weekday Wisdom: Shadow vs Substance
Show Details6min 3s
Effectual Calling
Show Details31min 21s
Weekday Wisdom: Protection
Show Details5min 40s
Weekday Wisdom: Forgiveness
Show Details4min 51s
The Character of a Leader
Show Details40min 30s
Weekday Wisdom: Baptism
Show Details5min 21s
Banter of Truth Preview
Show Details50min 8s
Weekday Wisdom: Circumcision
Show Details4min 35s
Weekday Wisdom: Fullness
Show Details5min 53s
The Offices of Christ
Show Details34min 54s
Weekday Wisdom: Captivating Conspiracies
Show Details5min 2s
Weekday Wisdom: Continue in the Faith
Show Details5min 42s
Keep Yourselves from Idols
Show Details39min 6s
Weekday Wisdom: Dangerous Delusions
Show Details4min 58s
Weekday Wisdom: Wisdom and Knowledge
Show Details5min 13s
Banter of Truth: How I Met Your Mother
Show Details52min 47s
Weekday Wisdom: Strong Hearts
Show Details5min 46s
The Son of God Became Man
Show Details20min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Mission and Method
Show Details5min 48s
Weekday Wisdom: The Gospel Mystery
Show Details5min 24s
Use Your Anger
Show Details31min 43s
Weekday Wisdom: Sanctified Suffering
Show Details4min 37s
Weekday Wisdom: "If"
Show Details4min 43s
Parenting Boys and Girls
Show Details51min 57s
Weekday Wisdom: From Sinner to Saint
Show Details5min 33s
The Redeemer
Show Details26min 18s
Weekday Wisdom: Christ the Redeemer
Show Details4min 49s
Weekday Wisdom: Christ the Resurrection
Show Details6min 1s
Christian Nationalism
Show Details28min 7s
Weekday Wisdom: Christ the Head
Show Details5min 40s
Weekday Wisdom: Christ the Sustainer
Show Details5min 21s
Social Media Censorship
Show Details45min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Christ the Creator
Show Details5min 16s
God's Plan
Show Details27min 38s
Weekday Wisdom: Deliverance
Show Details6min 4s
Storming the Capitol
Show Details31min 59s
Weekday Wisdom: Divine Power
Show Details4min 21s
Five Ways to Fail as a Friend
Show Details33min 16s
Weekday Wisdom: Doctrine and Devotion
Show Details4min 43s
Weekday Wisdom: Spiritual Growth
Show Details5min 4s
Banter of Truth: The Good Stuff
Show Details43min 17s
Mankind's Misery
Show Details22min 31s
Weekday Wisdom: Identity and Action
Show Details5min 21s
1% or Cartel?
Show Details43min 53s
The Light of God's Word
Show Details4min 40s
All Access is Here!
Show Details2min 47s
Time to Change
Show Details29min 59s
Jofo's Recos
Show Details24min 55s
Original Sin
Show Details30min 2s
Advent 2020
Show Details28min 54s
JMac, Journaling, and Finding a New Church
Show Details45min 17s
The First Sin
Show Details29min 38s
Dark Night of the Soul
Show Details35min 37s
What is Sin?
Show Details26min 20s
Ring in the New Year
Show Details33min 49s
After the Fall
Show Details24min 27s
When to Leave, When to Plant
Show Details37min 27s
A Covenant of Life
Show Details29min 47s
Lessons for Leaders and Members
Show Details33min 8s
Show Details33min 48s
Members Who Make a Difference
Show Details30min 43s
Creation and Imago Dei
Show Details31min 43s
We are Sojourners
Show Details42min 22s
Creation and Providence
Show Details18min 49s
Leaving Acts 29
Show Details34min 41s
Who'd You Vote For?
Show Details35min
What God Decrees
Show Details32min 19s
Voting, Character, and Policy
Show Details30min 5s
Three in One
Show Details18min 53s
Human Trafficking
Show Details53min 23s
Leaving the City?
Show Details26min 44s
There Is Only One God
Show Details30min 7s
Views and Opinions
Show Details57min 35s
What is God?
Show Details34min 28s
Reclaiming Religion
Show Details31min 19s
What is the Bible All About?
Show Details23min 4s
The Bible is for Everyone
Show Details36min 11s
Discouraged Pastors
Show Details42min 37s
What is the Word of God?
Show Details23min 51s
Eschatology, Gossip, and Pot
Show Details35min 46s
The Scripture and the Spirit
Show Details29min 19s
Show Details30min 2s
Believing in and Seeking God
Show Details30min 55s
Praying Better and Pastoral Accountability
Show Details36min 14s
God is First
Show Details34min 16s
The Baptist Catechism
Show Details31min 31s
The Vindication of the Truth
Show Details32min 5s
Christian Hedonism and Baby Names
Show Details26min 50s
COVID and Crist
Show Details33min 58s
Preparing for the Fall
Show Details32min 47s
The 1689 on Judgement (32.3)
Show Details27min 54s
Is Corona Killing Your Church?
Show Details35min 7s
The 1689 on Judgement (32.1-2)
Show Details29min 45s
Todd White and Issue Driven Churches
Show Details39min 57s
The 1689 on the Resurrection of the Dead (31.2, 3)
Show Details31min 57s
John Crist, Repentance, and Restoration
Show Details25min 38s
The 1689 on What's After Death? (31.1)
Show Details30min 4s
Show Details36min 51s
The 1689 on the Lord's Supper (30.7-8)
Show Details25min 18s
What is the Flesh in Scripture?
Show Details27min 12s
The 1689 on the Lord's Supper (30.5-6)
Show Details20min 47s
Gifted, but not Good
Show Details44min 59s
The 1689 on the Lord's Supper (30.3-4)
Show Details14min 47s
Polemics and Purity
Show Details54min 34s
The 1689 on the Lord's Supper (30.2)
Show Details22min 6s
Show Details31min 47s
The 1689 on the Lord's Supper (30.1)
Show Details29min 55s
Bigfoot, Demons, Guns, and Baptism
Show Details37min 51s
The 1689 on Baptism (29.2-4)
Show Details24min 46s
Is the Gospel the Answer to Racism?
Show Details41min 51s
George Floyd, Protests, and Riots
Show Details44min 24s
The 1689 on Baptism (29.1)
Show Details24min 24s
Pastoral Reputations and Trinity Illustrations
Show Details23min 6s
The 1689 on the Ordinances
Show Details19min 48s
The 1689 on the Communion of the Saints (27.2)
Show Details36min 6s
Elders, Baptism, and Conspiracies
Show Details46min 38s
The 1689 on the Communion of the Saints
Show Details25min 38s
Gentle and Lowly with Dane Ortlund
Show Details41min 41s
Bible Translations with Dane Ortlund
Show Details28min 38s
The 1689 on the Church (26.15)
Show Details32min 8s
Screening Screentime
Show Details30min 33s
The 1689 on the Church (26.13-14)
Show Details31min 47s
Protesting Pastors
Show Details31min 3s
The 1689 on the Church (26.12)
Show Details43min 39s
Virtual Communion
Show Details32min 34s
The 1689 on the Church (26.11)
Show Details29min 11s
Comfort in Affliction
Show Details37min 26s
NDA Bonus Episode
Show Details24min 50s
The 1689 on the Church (26.10)
Show Details41min 43s
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Show Details45min 51s
The 1689 on the Church (26.8-9)
Show Details39min 34s
Corona Chaos
Show Details43min 13s
Communion Questions
Show Details21min 12s
Coronavirus and the Church
Show Details43min 47s
The 1689 on the Church (26.7)
Show Details25min 14s
Coronavirus and the Congregation
Show Details23min 3s
Show Details39min 11s
The 1689 on the Church (26.6)
Show Details30min
A29, Poaching, and Preaching
Show Details46min 5s
The 1689 on the Church (26.5)
Show Details27min 11s
What's Wrong with the SBC?
Show Details40min 21s
The 1689 on the Church (26.4)
Show Details29min 33s
Interview: Joanne Jung
Show Details36min 51s
The 1689 on the Church (26.3)
Show Details26min 4s
The Irrelevant Church
Show Details33min 47s
The 1689 on The Church (26.1-2)
Show Details22min 2s
Bonus Episode: Steve Timmis and Acts 29
Show Details31min 40s
Friendship Revisited
Show Details29min 23s
The 1689 on Marriage (25.3-4)
Show Details26min 20s
Social Media Malignancy
Show Details38min 14s
The 1689 on Marriage (25.1-2)
Show Details34min 6s
The Discipline of Solitude
Show Details39min 36s
The 1689 on The Civil Magistrate
Show Details32min 3s
Long Hair, Don't Care
Show Details32min 53s
The 1689 on Oaths and Vows (1689 23.2-5)
Show Details25min 27s
Looking Backward and Forward
Show Details29min 12s
The 1689 on Oaths and Vows
Show Details24min 12s
A Prayer for the New Year
Show Details13min 56s
Questions for Your Christmas Gatherings
Show Details31min 38s
Mailbag: Dec 19, 2019
Show Details39min 9s
The 1689 on Worship (22.7-8)
Show Details33min 43s
In Defense of Small Groups
Show Details38min 21s
The 1689 on Worship (22.6)
Show Details30min 41s
Mailbag Dec. 2019
Show Details40min 31s
The 1689 on Worship (22.5)
Show Details19min 1s
Flavel on Thankfulness
Show Details25min 40s
The 1689 on Worship (22.4)
Show Details30min 53s
Church Covenants
Show Details39min 22s
The 1689 on Worship (22.3)
Show Details41min 33s
Christian Liberty Follow Up
Show Details22min 43s
The 1689 on Worship
Show Details34min 58s
Is Vision Casting biblical?
Show Details30min 19s
The 1689 on Christian Liberty (21.3)
Show Details26min 58s
Mailbag Oct. 2019
Show Details36min 13s
The 1689 on Christian Liberty (21.2)
Show Details27min 32s
Confessional Subscription
Show Details25min 31s
The 1689 on Christian Liberty (21.1)
Show Details44min 15s
MacArthur, Moore, and Correction
Show Details42min 53s
Sanctifying Social Media
Show Details38min 52s
The 1689 on the Promise of Christ
Show Details27min 44s
Dealing with Doubt
Show Details30min 46s
Did David Rape Bathsheba?
Show Details18min 42s
The 1689 on The Promise of Christ (20.3)
Show Details22min 49s
Can Men and Women Be Friends?
Show Details33min 34s
Creating a Calvinist
Show Details30min 6s
The 1689 on The Promise of Christ
Show Details22min 30s
Thinking Through Suicide
Show Details35min 2s
The 1689 on The Promise of Christ
Show Details31min 44s
Black and White Experiences
Show Details54min 39s
The 1689 on God's Law (19.7)
Show Details27min 34s
Managing Miscommunication
Show Details35min 22s
The 1689 on God's Law (19.6)
Show Details26min 1s
Spirit and Truth
Show Details45min 37s
The 1689 on God's Law (19.4-5)
Show Details23min 53s
You're Not The Hero
Show Details24min 31s
The 1689 on God's Law (19.3)
Show Details26min 19s
A Back to School Prayer
Show Details30min 23s
The 1689 on God's law (19.2)
Show Details26min 50s
Putting Anxiety to Death
Show Details33min 26s
Bonus Episode: Josh Harris
Show Details25min 37s
Erring Brothers and False Teachers
Show Details50min 49s
Founders Follow-Up
Show Details24min 9s
The 1689 on God's Law
Show Details43min 12s
Driscoll on Dort
Show Details32min 27s
The Founders Ministry Cinedoc
Show Details28min 47s
The 1689 on Assurance (18.4)
Show Details33min 22s
Redeeming The Rest of Your Summer
Show Details19min 34s
The 1689 on Assurance (18.3b)
Show Details19min 57s
Why Your Church Isn't Growing
Show Details41min 32s
The 1689 on Assurance (18.3a)
Show Details19min 48s
Freedom Sunday
Show Details47min 10s
The 1689 on Assurance (18.2)
Show Details30min 1s
Funny and Frustrating Social Media
Show Details44min 3s
The 1689 on Assurance (18.1)
Show Details30min 4s
Are You Effeminate?
Show Details32min 23s
The 1689 on Perseverance (17.3)
Show Details21min 27s
Blowing Off Some Steam
Show Details59min 56s
The 1689 on Perseverance (17.2)
Show Details37min 10s
Praying for the President
Show Details28min 27s
The 1689 on Perseverance (17.1)
Show Details27min 24s
Dealing with Discouragement
Show Details53min 56s
The 1689 on Good Works (16:5-7)
Show Details27min 8s
Why You Might Be Overwhelmed
Show Details38min 30s
The 1689 on Good Works (16.3, 4)
Show Details24min 7s
Mailbag: May 2019
Show Details23min 51s
The SBC Deep State
Show Details34min 37s
The 1689 on Good Works (16.2)
Show Details29min 44s
Lament and Annoyance
Show Details15min 26s
The 1689 on Good Works (16.1)
Show Details18min 15s
Show Details32min 34s
The 1689 on Repentance (Part 2)
Show Details26min 15s
A Calvinist's Conundrum
Show Details27min 3s
Show Details34min 58s
The 1689 on Repentance (Part 1)
Show Details42min 36s
Pastors, Money, and Influence
Show Details40min 15s
The 1689 on Faith (14.3)
Show Details24min 41s
Easter Bunnies and Helicopters
Show Details40min 3s
The 1689 on Faith (14.2)
Show Details31min 5s
Big Church vs Small Church
Show Details33min 14s
The 1689 on Faith (14.1)
Show Details31min 29s
Gospel Centered Churches
Show Details26min 1s
The 1689 on Sanctification (13.2, 3)
Show Details35min 59s
Talking Tribalism, Idealism, and Unity
Show Details26min 43s
The 1689 on Sanctification (13.1)
Show Details29min 30s
The John Bunyan Story
Show Details31min 8s
The 1689 on Adoption
Show Details36min 53s
A Healthy Church and Her Scars
Show Details35min 14s
The 1689 on Justification (11.5, 6)
Show Details22min 27s
The James MacDonald Story
Show Details47min
The 1689 on Justification (11.3, 4)
Show Details29min 22s
The SBC and Sexual Abuse
Show Details58min 48s
The 1689 on Justification (11.1, 2)
Show Details32min 13s
Complaining Calvinists
Show Details33min 16s
The 1689 on the Non-Elect (10.4)
Show Details34min 58s
Reformed Theology and Switching Churches
Show Details26min 7s
The 1689 on Effectual Calling (10:2, 3)
Show Details31min 25s
Advice for Leading Small Groups
Show Details34min 21s
The 1689 on Effectual Calling
Show Details27min 14s
Denny Burk and Complementarianism
Show Details45min 41s
The 1689 on Free Will (9.4-5)
Show Details19min 39s
What's A Baptist?
Show Details40min 15s
The 1689 on Free Will (9.1-3)
Show Details35min 3s
Clarifying Our Complementarianism
Show Details19min 51s
Cancelling Church
Show Details31min 14s
The 1689 on Christ's Offices
Show Details20min 56s
Pacificm and Paul Maxwell
Show Details54min 19s
The 1689 and the Benefits of Redemption
Show Details34min 6s
Julie Roys, Journalism, and James MacDonald
Show Details45min 53s
The 1689 on Christ for All Ages
Show Details27min 54s
Steve McCoy and Santa
Show Details49min 4s
The 1689 on Christ's Sacrifice
Show Details32min 4s
A Desire to Lead
Show Details28min 53s
The 1689 on Christ's Substitution and Intercession
Show Details32min 42s
Holy Conference with Paul Maxwell
Show Details40min 11s
The 1689 on Christ's Authority (8.3)
Show Details35min 42s
How to Receive Criticism
Show Details31min 4s
The 1689 on Christ (8.2b)
Show Details26min 21s
Propitiation and the World
Show Details37min 45s
The 1689 on Christ (8.2a)
Show Details22min 24s
The Value of Assessment
Show Details26min 39s
The 1689 on Christ (8.1)
Show Details27min 38s
Striving for Unity
Show Details26min 5s
The Covenant of Redemption
Show Details28min 33s
Abusive Churches
Show Details39min 38s
Reformed or Deformed?
Show Details37min 48s
The 1689 on The Covenant of Grace
Show Details29min 39s
The Persecuted Church
Show Details41min 50s
The 1689 on God's Covenant
Show Details34min 26s
Maintaining Balance
Show Details21min 52s
The 1689 on Indwelling Sin (6.5)
Show Details23min 29s
Abusive Pastors
Show Details34min 43s
The 1689 on Sin (6.2-4)
Show Details34min 54s
Self Examination and Deadly Sins
Show Details58min 14s
Joel McDurmon on The SJ&G
Show Details58min 16s
The 1689 on Sin (6.1)
Show Details39min 53s
The Gospel and Its Implications
Show Details44min 6s
The 1689 on Providence and the Reprobate
Show Details32min 50s
Tom Ascol and the SJ&G Statement
Show Details1hr 5min
Masculinity with Paul Maxwell
Show Details58min 39s
The 1689 on Painful Providence
Show Details41min 51s
The 1689 on Painful Providence (5.5)
Show Details36min 49s
Social Justice and The Gospel
Show Details1hr 1min
How to Leave Well
Show Details38min 1s
The 1689 on Providence (5.3-4)
Show Details36min 44s
RANSOM Bible Study Method
Show Details28min 24s
The 1689 on Providence (5.1-2)
Show Details36min 49s
5 Principles for Better Devotionals
Show Details26min 49s
The 1689 on Creation (4)
Show Details21min 28s
What to Do When You Bomb
Show Details21min 58s
The 1689 on God's Decree (3.7)
Show Details23min 48s
Leaders Become Legacy
Show Details21min 18s
The 1689 on God's Decree (3.4-6)
Show Details23min 57s
Questions on the Decree of God
Show Details24min 21s
The 1689 on God's Decree (3.2-3)
Show Details25min 37s
Service, Sacrafice, and Sabotage
Show Details25min 32s
The 1689 on God's Decree
Show Details32min 23s
Debt-Free Virgins
Show Details39min 40s
The 1689 on the Trinity (2.3)
Show Details37min 53s
Why People Change Churches
Show Details36min 43s
The 1689 on God (2.2)
Show Details35min 20s
Answering Recent Questions
Show Details29min 15s
The 1689 on God (2.1)
Show Details35min 25s
Comfortable Christianity
Show Details35min 13s
The 1689 on Scripture (1.9-10)
Show Details29min 20s
Evangelism and Easy Believism
Show Details35min 26s
The 1689 on Scripture (1.7-8)
Show Details35min 40s
Show Details43min 29s
The 1689 on Scripture (1.6)
Show Details43min 50s
Our 200th Episode
Show Details37min 35s
Bonus Episode: The State of the SBC
Show Details37min 9s
The 1689 on Scripture (1.2-5)
Show Details31min 8s
Reckless Love
Show Details30min 51s
The 1689 on Scripture (1.1)
Show Details30min 9s
Why So Silly?
Show Details28min 18s
How to Preach Law and Gospel
Show Details27min 1s
Selfies and Selfism
Show Details35min 23s
Patterson, Abuse, and Misogyny
Show Details58min 3s
Doctrine and Devotion Live
Show Details27min 53s
Those Who Hunger
Show Details26min 27s
The Need to Read
Show Details28min 44s
The Need for Preachers and Teachers
Show Details33min 17s
The Conference That Killed Doug Logan
Show Details31min 54s
Ministry Schedules and When to Say No
Show Details38min 23s
Congregations Expectations
Show Details24min 21s
Race, Racism, and Reconcilliation
Show Details43min 23s
The Danger of Idealism
Show Details34min 2s
Stealing Sermons
Show Details23min 37s
When Our Leaders Fail
Show Details28min 47s
Preaching Don'ts
Show Details35min 53s
The Enneagram
Show Details54min 3s
Membership Mailbag
Show Details34min 47s
Baby Dedications
Show Details26min 50s
Worship Subtleties
Show Details38min 20s
Show Details39min 30s
Communion with Eric Mason
Show Details38min 53s
Baptism with Eric Mason
Show Details37min 13s
Attractional Churches
Show Details30min 12s
Show Details30min 35s
Cultural Engagement with Ed Stetzer
Show Details34min 28s
The Florida High School Shooting
Show Details29min 50s
Church Revitalization with Ed Stetzer
Show Details30min 31s
Show Details29min 33s
Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 5
Show Details43min 27s
Spiritual Disciplines with Donald Whitney
Show Details45min 11s
Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 4
Show Details28min 18s
Friendship with Barnabas Piper
Show Details37min 15s
Should Women Teach in Seminary?
Show Details15min 15s
Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 3
Show Details38min 45s
Feminism and Theology with Courtney Reissig
Show Details27min 48s
Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 2
Show Details26min 33s
Family Integrated Churches
Show Details37min 6s
Gospel and Kingdom Pt. 1
Show Details32min 30s
Church Dating App
Show Details27min 5s
Fundamentalist and Fake Calvinists
Show Details42min 29s
Show Details50min 10s
Biblical Theology
Show Details33min 17s
Better Resolutions
Show Details27min 11s
The Incarnation
Show Details7min 38s
Living Today in Light of The Future
Show Details21min 9s
The Jethro Principle
Show Details25min 38s
Giving to the Church
Show Details41min 3s
Sacred and Secular
Show Details28min 48s
10 Ways to Love Other Christians
Show Details26min 10s
Show Details29min 6s
The Gloriavale Cult
Show Details36min 15s
Jim Renihan on Creation
Show Details25min 57s
Elder Candidacy
Show Details25min 16s
The Church Planting Green Light
Show Details45min 59s
Pastoral Care
Show Details46min 40s
The Communion of Saints
Show Details38min 25s
Show Details33min 23s
The Role of Pastors
Show Details45min 20s
The Priesthood of All Believers
Show Details34min 20s
Semper Reformanda
Show Details31min 16s
Show Details30min 29s
Soli Deo Gloria
Show Details24min 5s
Sola Fide
Show Details32min 59s
Sola Gratia
Show Details23min 19s
Solus Christus
Show Details29min 51s
Sola Scriptura
Show Details32min 41s
The Decree of God
Show Details42min 58s
Church Revitilization
Show Details34min 24s
Justified Violence
Show Details36min 14s
The Good Calvinist
Show Details30min 58s
The Straw Calvinist
Show Details36min 46s
The Half-Caf Calvinist
Show Details34min 1s
Bad Calvinists
Show Details25min 30s
The New Calvinist
Show Details28min 38s
Show Details30min 14s
The Nashville Statment
Show Details45min 23s
The Power of God
Show Details27min 1s
Show Details37min 20s
Keeping It Real
Show Details27min 22s
Sermon Preparation
Show Details43min 12s
What We've Learned
Show Details23min 45s
Developing Leaders
Show Details28min 56s
Belonging Before Believing
Show Details38min 2s
What's Wrong with the SBC?
Show Details37min 5s
The Tenth Commandment
Show Details31min 47s
The Ninth Commandment
Show Details24min 14s
The Eighth Commandment
Show Details29min 19s
The Seventh Commandment
Show Details44min 7s
The Sixth Commandment
Show Details38min 23s
The Fifth Commandment
Show Details43min 13s
The Fourth Commandment
Show Details37min 10s
The Third Commandment
Show Details27min 23s
The Second Commandment
Show Details31min 31s
The First Commandment
Show Details35min 35s
Hanging Out Revisited
Show Details30min 28s
Coming To Christ
Show Details34min 47s
100th Episode
Show Details46min 26s
Table, Pulpit, Square
Show Details36min 12s
Show Details29min 36s
Show Details27min 17s
Protestant Departure
Show Details45min 16s
Christ-Centered Hermeneutics
Show Details33min 45s
The Covenant of Works
Show Details21min 19s
1689 Federalism
Show Details27min 56s
The Jealousy of God
Show Details32min 58s
Show Details27min 38s
Man's Chief End
Show Details42min 44s
Why Pastors Cheat
Show Details46min 37s
Show Details31min 36s
Does God Change His Mind?
Show Details28min 48s
Advice on Dating
Show Details30min 36s
Top 5 Most Influential Books
Show Details42min 45s
Show Details35min 39s
State of the Podcast
Show Details37min 38s
The Billy Graham Rule
Show Details28min 42s
Gospel, Youth, and Jaquelle Crowe
Show Details35min 42s
Spiritual Disciplines
Show Details33min 36s
Does God Hear The Prayers of Unbelievers?
Show Details35min 23s
Show Details31min 55s
Show Details46min 6s
Silence and Solitude - Bonus Episode
Show Details32min 43s
When Preaching Goes Bad
Show Details38min 14s
When Worship Goes Bad
Show Details34min 56s
Frienship Revisited
Show Details55min 40s
Show Details42min 4s
Best Friends Forever
Show Details40min 18s
On The Block with Doug Logan
Show Details1hr 29min
Unhealthy Churches
Show Details34min 36s
The Puritans
Show Details36min 8s
Show Details48min 48s
Ash Wednesday and Lent
Show Details35min 10s
Show Details38min 34s
Creeds and Confessions
Show Details50min 33s
Elder Training
Show Details55min 44s
Church Planting
Show Details35min 19s
Infant Salvation
Show Details34min 59s
Perseverance of the Saints
Show Details34min 36s
Church Membership
Show Details43min 40s
Sexual Abuse and the Church
Show Details56min 29s
The Lord's Supper
Show Details35min 43s
Show Details1hr 2min
Scripture and Journaling
Show Details35min 42s
Spiritual Thoughts
Show Details49min 52s
Show Details33min 40s
The Church in the World
Show Details46min 49s
Celebrity Culture
Show Details32min 46s
Resolutions and Repentance
Show Details37min 10s
New Calvinism
Show Details34min 18s
Church Discipline
Show Details47min 15s
Chirstmas and Suspending Sunday
Show Details31min 44s
Godly Knowledge
Show Details43min 38s
Fanboys, Sycophants, and Haters
Show Details37min 18s
Keeping the Heart
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode: The SWBTS Anti-Calvinism Chapel
Show Details55min 24s
Show Details54min 23s
Divine Impassibility
Show Details43min 5s
Show Details49min 47s
Apologetics with Dr. James White
Show Details46min 20s
Show Details55min 44s
Show Details56min
Women's Ministry
Show Details1hr 8min
Show Details41min 12s
Pastor Appreciation
Show Details14min 8s
Total Depravity
Show Details54min 25s
Show Details49min 58s
Presidents and Politics
Show Details44min 7s
Show Details52min 33s
Bonus Episode - Journaling
Show Details15min 30s
Covenant Theology
Show Details37min 40s
The Sabbath
Show Details50min 35s
Children's Ministry
Show Details55min 30s
Show Details59min 1s
A Mighty Fortress - Bonus Episode
Show Details9min 48s
The Reformation
Show Details56min 7s
Show Details49min 51s
Discernment and Discernment Bloggers
Show Details44min 53s
Corporate Worship Part 2
Show Details40min 11s
Corporate Worship Part 1
Show Details37min 48s
Mailbag No. 2
Show Details45min 10s
Show Details54min 21s
Spiritual Warfare
Show Details58min 56s
Pencils - A Bonus Episode
Show Details22min 33s
Show Details50min 20s
Spiritual Gifts - Part Two
Show Details55min 27s
Spiritual Gifts - Part 1
Show Details42min 50s
The Sacraments
Show Details56min 4s
Abiding in Christ
Show Details39min 3s
Bonus Episode - Theology and Worship
Show Details20min 46s
Serving in the Church
Show Details49min 41s
Church Leadership
Show Details58min 11s
Racism and the Gospel
Show Details59min 2s
Hanging Out
Show Details43min 32s
Show Details42min 10s
Preaching and Hearing The Word
Show Details47min 35s
Show Details38min 38s
Show Details37min 50s
Spiritual Feeding
Show Details33min 30s
Les and the Local Church
Show Details1hr 8min
All The Bad Things
Show Details56min 26s
Faith and Family
Show Details48min 14s
Can Baptists Be Reformed?
Show Details25min 33s
On Backsliding - Episode 01
Show Details46min 9s