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Feature length, atmospheric, slow-burn spooky stories told on the 13th of each month. Explore an eerie universe of supernatural and occult tales 


The Fall of '98 - Part Three: Satanic Panic
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The Fall of '98 - Part Two: A Dark and Cavernous Place
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The Fall of '98 - Part One: The End of Summer
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The month's story is Breathtaking, written by Warren Benedetto.

Narrated by Brooke Jennett

Editing, sound design and music by Caleb Ritchie

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Content Warning: Child Death

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Published Aug 15, 2022 at 7:00am
Kentucky Flood Relief Resources
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Double Feature: In the Library & Three Card Pull
Show Details49min 24s
Show Details45min 55s
The House in South Hill
Show Details55min 31s
Catch Your Death
Show Details55min 20s
Lost Ladies
Show Details55min 28s
A Voice on the Wind Part 2
Show Details29min 17s
A Voice on the Wind Part 1
Show Details41min 21s
Home for the Holidays Part 2
Show Details38min 33s
Home for the Holidays Part 1
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The Light From the Old Farmhouse
Show Details1hr 8min
Introducing: Dark Dice
Show Details2min 14s
The Widow
Show Details40min 35s
I Can See the Future
Show Details59min 10s
Double Feature: The Latching and It's Your Turn to Wear The Mask
Show Details55min 34s
Mr. Grey
Show Details46min 32s
Shrieking Willow
Show Details57min 58s
Patreon Preview- It’s Blooper Time
Show Details7min 36s
The Long Weekend
Show Details1hr 20min
My Condition/Heart Attack Hill
Show Details1hr 1min
A Ghost in the Old City
Show Details56min 22s
Harvest Town
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Home for the Holidays Part 2
Show Details37min 38s
Home for the Holidays Part 1
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A Feather in the Woods
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A Midnight Game of Hide and Seek
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The Meeting House Part 2
Show Details55min 13s
The Meeting House Part 1
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A Hard Rain
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The Barrier Islands
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A Trick of the Light
Show Details44min 36s
The Courtland Avenue Market and Deli
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Dark and Familiar
Show Details1hr 3min
The House in the Highlands Part 2
Show Details45min 54s
The House in the Highlands Part 1
Show Details38min 13s
Thirteen Trailer
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