Meeting Malkmus - a Pavement podcast

Meeting Malkmus - a Pavement Podcast is an obsessive and exhaustive deep-dive into the songs of the seminal '90s indie rock band Pavement. Working in chronological order according to the date of release, your host jD, takes a song-by-song trip through the Stockton, California group's catalog, from their very first track - You're Killing Me - through their five full-length albums and EPs, including 1992 classic "Slanted & Enchanted," their 1994 breakthrough "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" and their 1999 swan song "Terror Twilight." In each episode, jD hyper-focuses on one song, describing its sound, deconstructing its lyrics and detailing its context, including cool stories from the band's heyday. The goal of the show is twofold: Fold #1: To help others fully appreciate the works of the world’s greatest indie rock band, and Fold #2: to someday, perhaps meet the podcast's namesake - Stephen Malkmus.


MM092 - Wanna Mess You Around
Show Details10min 18s
MM091 - Cherry Area
Show Details10min 54s
MM091 - Cherry Area
Show Details10min 54s
BE037 - Flux = Rad
Show Details12min 20s
MM090 - Slowly Typed
Show Details16min 10s
MM090 - Slowly Typed
Show Details16min 10s
BE036 - Ell Ess Two
Show Details9min 55s
MM089 - Fin
Show Details32min 2s
MM089 - Fin
Show Details32min 2s
MM088 - Starlings of the Slipstream
Show Details24min 51s
BI002 - Church on White
Show Details7min 45s
MM088 - Starlings of the Slipstream
Show Details24min 51s
MM087 - Passat Dream
Show Details19min 19s
MM087 - Passat Dream
Show Details19min 19s
MM086 - We are Underused
Show Details17min
BE035 - Stop Breathing
Show Details10min 54s
MM085 - We are Underused
Show Details17min
BE034 - Range Life
Show Details9min 33s
MM085 - Blue Hawaiian
Show Details20min 15s
MM085 - Blue Hawaiian
Show Details20min 15s
MM - Pavement Streaming Day Dispatch #1
Show Details2min 5s
BI001 - Amberjack
Show Details6min 26s
BE033 - Soiled Little Filly
Show Details14min 39s
MM084 - Embassy Row
Show Details30min 5s
MM084 - Embassy Row
Show Details28min
BE032 - All My Friends
Show Details15min 29s
MM083 - Type Slowly
Show Details30min 40s
MM083 - Type Slowly
Show Details30min 40s
MM082 - Old to Begin
Show Details18min 48s
BE031 - Nail Clinic
Show Details14min 10s
2020 Subscriber Drive
Show Details5min 51s
MM082 - Old to Begin
Show Details18min 48s
MM081 - Date w/ IKEA
Show Details22min 41s
MM081 - Date w/ IKEA
Show Details22min 41s
BE030 - Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
Show Details11min 39s
MM080 - Transport is Arranged
Show Details22min 17s
MM079 - Shady Lane L vs. S
Show Details22min 43s
BE029 - Haunt you Down
Show Details11min 7s
MM078 - Stereo
Show Details37min 11s
BE028 - Jam Kids
Show Details14min 13s
MM077 - I Love Perth
Show Details19min 17s
MM076 - Saganaw
Show Details12min 34s
BE027 - 5-4=Unity (Vocals)
Show Details28min 53s
MM075 - Gangsters and Pranksters
Show Details17min 34s
BE026 - Exit Theory
Show Details12min 55s
DCB01 - Tribute
Show Details53min 29s
MM074 - Give it a Day
Show Details22min 34s
BE025 - Strings of Nashville
Show Details13min 52s
MM073 - Western Homes
Show Details20min 23s
BE024 - Kneeling Bus
Show Details14min 5s
MM072 - Half a Canyon
Show Details25min 34s
BE023 - Coolin' by Sound
Show Details11min 55s
MM071 - Pueblo
Show Details20min 17s
BE022 - Raft
Show Details15min 20s
MM070 - Kennel District
Show Details21min 26s
BE021 - Stare
Show Details9min 36s
MM069b - Fight this Generation
Show Details11min
MM069 - Fight this Generation
Show Details29min 53s
BE020 - Camera
Show Details18min 34s
MM068 - Flux = Rad
Show Details21min 10s
BE019 - The List of Dorms
Show Details10min 41s
MM067 - AT&T
Show Details20min 2s
BE018 - Ed Ames
Show Details10min 35s
MM066 - Grave Architecture
Show Details27min 4s
BE017 - Drunks with Guns
Show Details9min 7s
MM065 - Best Friend's Arm
Show Details24min 40s
BE016 - Rain Ammunition
Show Details12min 42s
MM064 - Extradition
Show Details20min 38s
BE015 - Greenlander
Show Details14min 15s
MM063 - Father to a Sister of Thought
Show Details24min 56s
SWI001 - Steve West Interview
Show Details34min 20s
MM062 - Motion Suggests Itself
Show Details20min 38s
BE014 - So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)
Show Details15min 58s
MM061 - Serpentine Pad
Show Details18min 36s
MM060 - Grounded
Show Details33min 27s
BNI001 - Bob Nastanovich Interview
Show Details58min 51s
MM059 - Brinx Job
Show Details29min 54s
MM058 - Black Out
Show Details19min 23s
BE013 - Dan's Pick
Show Details20min 48s
MM057 - Rattled by the Rush
Show Details30min 22s
BE012 - Sue Me Jack
Show Details9min 16s
MM056 - We Dance
Show Details40min
COVID19 - ExtraOrdinary Episode
Show Details38min 26s
BE011 - Traditional Techniques
Show Details44min 47s
MM055 - Easily Fooled
Show Details19min 25s
MM054 - False Skorpion
Show Details8min 5s
BE010 - Here
Show Details9min 49s
MM053 - Brink of the Clouds
Show Details19min 10s
BE009 - Dan's Pick
Show Details21min 35s
MM052 - Rattled by the Rush
Show Details28min 50s
BE008 - Secret Knowledge of Backroads
Show Details20min 43s
SSI001 - Spiral Stairs Interview
Show Details43min 50s
MM051 - Fillmore Jive
Show Details29min 38s
BE007 - Kentucky Cocktail
Show Details13min 13s
MM050 - Hit the Plane Down
Show Details20min 43s
MM049 - Heaven is a Truck
Show Details24min 49s
MM048 - Range Life
Show Details27min 34s
Show Details8min 19s
MM047 - 5-4=Unity
Show Details19min 58s
BE006 - Circa 1762
Show Details12min 56s
MM046 - Gold Soundz
Show Details20min 44s
BE005 - Dan's Pick
Show Details25min 39s
MM045 - Unfair
Show Details19min 14s
BE004 - Nothing Ever Happens
Show Details11min 2s
MM044 - Newark Wilder
Show Details20min 28s
BE003 - My Radio
Show Details7min 27s
MM043 - Cut your Hair
Show Details17min 29s
BE002 - My First Mine
Show Details8min 39s
MM042 - Stop Breathin'
Show Details15min 49s
Bonus Episode for Everyone
Show Details31min 8s
BE001 - Dan's Pick
Show Details28min 14s
MM041 - Elevate Me Later
Show Details20min 21s
Update - November 1
Show Details14min 16s
MM040 - Silent Kit
Show Details37min 36s
MM039 - Shoot the Singer (1 sick verse)
Show Details23min 2s
MM038 - Lions (Linden)
Show Details14min 7s
MM037 - Frontwards
Show Details20min 36s
MM036 - Texas Never Whispers
Show Details19min 4s
MM035 - Our Singer
Show Details14min 29s
MM034 - Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era
Show Details19min 9s
MM033 - Fame Throwa
Show Details20min 29s
MM032 - Perfume-V
Show Details17min 38s
MM031 - Two States
Show Details14min 2s
MM030 - Here
Show Details30min 9s
DCB01 - A tribute to David Berman
Show Details53min 29s
MM029 - Loretta's Scars
Show Details14min 16s
MM028 - Chesley's Little Wrists
Show Details12min 14s
MM027 - Zurich is Stained
Show Details13min 12s
MM026 - Conduit for Sale!
Show Details22min 32s
MM025 - In the Mouth a Desert
Show Details17min 37s
MM024 - No Life Singed Her
Show Details5min 59s
MM023 - Trigger Cut/Wounded Kite at :17
Show Details14min 55s
MM022 - Summer Babe (Winter Version)
Show Details33min 12s
MM021 - Baptist Blacktick
Show Details38min 3s
MM020 - Mercy Snack: The Laundromat
Show Details17min 55s
MM019 - Summer Babe
Show Details13min 58s
Show Details17min 10s
MM018 - Krell Vid-User
Show Details14min 53s
MM017 - Home
Show Details18min 14s
MM016 - Debris Slide
Show Details14min 20s
MM015 - Drive-by Fader
Show Details3min 30s
MM014 - Angel Carver Blues / Mellow Jazz Docent
Show Details22min 32s
MM013 - From Now On
Show Details15min
MM012 - Heckler Spray
Show Details11min 39s
MM011 - Recorder Grot (Rally)
Show Details10min 6s
MM010 - Perfect Depth
Show Details13min 13s
MM009 - Internal K-Dart
Show Details13min 38s
MM008 - Recorder Grot
Show Details16min 21s
MM007 - Spizzle Trunk
Show Details12min 51s
MM006 - Forklift
Show Details15min 6s
MM005 - Price Yeah!
Show Details16min 12s
MM004 - She Believes
Show Details10min 45s
MM003 - Maybe, Maybe
Show Details10min 46s
MM002 - Box Elder
Show Details13min 34s
MM001 - You're Killing Me
Show Details15min 43s