InYourElement is a show dedicated to helping you find your element. We Uncover stories of people who are living in their element, and share wisdom on what it takes for others to also find their own. Every episode, I’ll be showcasing an idea, a story, or a interesting person who’s living in their element, with the hopes of helping you find your own.


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Stories can change the world
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Wearing a Scrubs onesie on National Television, and more with Mitch Kelly
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Why engineers need to tell better stories with Jarie Bolander
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Demi Lovato, Social Media & Peloton with Bianca Wulwick
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What if Robots are persons?
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Being In Your Element
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Winning the Game of Work with Terry B. McDougall
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Tricking people to learn with games - Vanessa Haddad
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Building great brands with John Florey
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WTF is an NFT? with Keno Budde
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Finding your Bliss with Sobia Zafar
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Conquering CrossFit, Iron Mans & Life with Trevor Rocca
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2: Energy
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1: How to build futures with Stewart Harrison.
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