257. Once Upon a Time There Was Zima

Season 1 | Episode 257
32m | Apr 23, 2024

On this episode, Dan waxes nostalgic about Zima, which was for one brief shining moment in the 1990s, a sparkling sensation on the adult beverage scene. For those of you too young to remember, or who may have repressed the memory due to trauma, Zima was a clear, lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage that the Coors Brewing Company burped out in 1993. Basically, Zima was training wheels for people who thought beer was too, y’know, beer-y. Also, Dan chats with one of the world’s most revered master blenders, Rachel Barrie, who oversees the whisky-making for three iconic Scotch brands- Benriach, GlenGlassaugh and Glendronach. And finally, a special "Drinks of the Week" segment for those who love a good, ready-to-drink espresso martini.

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