260. Mike Love of the Beach Boys

Season 1 | Episode 260
41m | May 14, 2024

Dan is joined by Mike Love, the eternal Beach Boy; the high priest of Good Vibrations, holding court over summer anthems and gorgeous sunsets. With a voice that can summon the spirit of the sixties and a cap that has never known defeat, Mike has serenaded generations with tales of surf, sand, and teenage dreams. With Club Kokomo Spirits, Mike and his son Brian, who's also on the show, have bottled the essence of endless summers and sunlit surf. It's a lineup of laid-back ready-to-drink libations and premium rums, each sip a first-class ticket to "Fun, Fun, Fun," transporting beachcombers straight to the shores of paradise with every sip. Also, Dan answers listener voicemails, and showcases some "Drinks of the Week."

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