261. Jimmy Yeager & Sean Kenyon of Woody Creek Distillers

Season 1 | Episode 261
38m | May 21, 2024

Dan kicks off a rollicking episode by inviting bar-industry heavyweights Jimmy Yeager and Sean Kenyon to dive into the world of Woody Creek Distillers, a Colorado gem that's all about that farm-to-bottle magic. Their top-notch spirits have turned heads with their quality and eco-friendly swagger, serving up a true Rocky Mountain high. Get ready for some spirited banter as the gang tackles the hot topic of auto-gratuities in bars, with opinions flying as fast as shakers at happy hour. Also on tap, Dan gives the scoop on a rockin' new rum from the Rolling Stones, plus a cheeky breakdown of what your frozen drink choice might just be whispering about you. Buckle up—it’s going to be a wild ride!

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